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OnlineJObs vs VirtualStaff Featured vs Which Is Best for Filipino Talent?

I've tried out quite a few platforms to hire remote workers for my projects. Two that stand out are and

  • is perfect if you're looking for Filipino professionals for full-time, long-term roles, like as a Virtual Assistant.
  • On the other hand, is great for both short-term tasks and permanent positions, focusing mainly on workers from the Philippines.

Both platforms help you tap into remote work opportunities, but they go about it in different ways.

Let's take a closer look to see which one might be the better fit for your needs.

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Key Takeaways

  • and cater to different hiring needs, with focusing on specialized services and offering a broader range of job categories.
  • offers safety measures like verified employer accounts and secure payment methods.
  • provides integrated management tools. vs Overview

OnlineJobs vs VirtualStaff Overview


Best For
Employers seeking full-time, committed Filipino professionals for long-term roles
Businesses needing flexible, quick-scaling solutions for short-term projects and permanent positions in the Philippines
- Cost-Effective Hiring: Lower salary demands compared to Western counterparts
- Cultural Compatibility: Strong work ethic and English proficiency
- Integrated Management Tools: Built-in tools for effective time and project management
- Quick Scaling: Rapid adjustment of workforce size to meet project demands
- No Built-in Work Tools: Lacks features for project management within the platform
- Vetting Required: Employers must invest time in thorough candidate vetting
Key Features
- Direct Hiring: Facilitates direct communication and negotiation between employers and workers
- Focused Talent Pool: Access to skilled Filipino professionals
- Flexibility in Hiring: Adaptable to both short-term and long-term staffing needs
- Direct Communication: Enables straightforward negotiations without intermediaries


About OnlineJobs links employers directly with remote workers and freelancers from the Philippines. This platform is favored for accessing a large pool of Filipino talent who typically prefer stable, long-term employment over temporary projects.

Read our detailed review of to learn more or check out our guide on avoiding OnlineJobs scams. Pros

  • Focused Talent Pool: Extensive access to qualified Filipino professionals.
  • Cost Efficiency: Attractive salary levels.
  • Steady Employment: Many professionals on the platform are looking for secure, long-term engagements.
  • Direct Interaction: Enables direct negotiations and communication without intermediaries.
  • Cultural Fit: Filipino professionals are renowned for their excellent work ethic and proficiency in English. Cons

  • Narrower Reach: Primarily targets Filipino candidates.
  • Lack of Integrated Tools: Does not offer built-in features for time management or project tracking.
  • Employer's Vetting Role: Hiring companies are responsible for the complete screening and vetting process.


About VirtualStaff is a platform with Filipino freelancers and remote workers for both short-term projects and long-term positions. It includes an integrated suite of tools for time tracking and project management, making it easy to oversee work progress.

The platform emphasizes flexibility, allowing employers to quickly scale their workforce as needed. also supports direct employer-worker negotiations for optimal collaboration and cost management. Pros

  • Integrated Management Tools: Includes built-in tools for time tracking and project management, streamlining workflow and oversight.
  • Flexibility in Hiring: Suitable for both short-term and permanent roles, allowing businesses to adapt their staffing based on project demands.
  • Direct Communication: Facilitates direct negotiations between employers and workers, enhancing transparency and reducing misunderstandings.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Offers access to a talent pool with competitive salary expectations, providing budget-friendly staffing solutions. Cons

  • Regional Limitations: Primarily focuses on the Filipino market, which may not suit businesses looking for a more global talent pool.
  • Vetting Required: Employers are responsible for thorough vetting of candidates, which can be time-consuming.

The Differences Between and

VirtualStaff vs OnlineJobs Differences and offer distinct approaches to remote hiring. offers flexibility and advanced tools for project management, while focuses on long-term employment with direct hiring processes.


User Base and Market Focus
Attracts employers looking for long-term, full-time Filipino workers.
Serves employers seeking both short-term projects and permanent roles.
Types of Jobs Offered
Focuses on jobs requiring long-term commitment such as virtual assistance and content creation.
Offers a wider variety of roles, including temporary projects like graphic design and software development.
Hiring Process
Direct job posting and management by employers; no intermediaries for a simpler hiring process.
Features tools for application tracking and interview process assistance, providing a structured hiring approach.
Fees and Costs
Subscription model with direct access to freelancer contacts; no additional hiring fees.
Service fee per hire with different membership levels that offer additional features and tools.
Platform Usability and Support
Straightforward interface with limited customer support.
Advanced tools for project management and robust customer support system.
Security and Trustworthiness
Requires employers to conduct their own vetting and due diligence.
Includes verification processes for job listings and freelancers to enhance security.
Success Stories and Reviews
Known for success stories involving long-term team building.
Praised for flexibility and quick team scaling; reviews often point out the need for thorough vetting.

User Base and Market Focus primarily attracts employers seeking long-term, full-time Filipino remote workers. serves those needing both short-term and permanent staff.

Types of Jobs Offered often features jobs that demand long-term commitment, such as virtual assistants or content creators., however, lists a wider variety of roles, including temporary projects like graphic design or software development gigs.

Looking for a virtual assistant? Read our guide on how to hire a virtual assistant!

Hiring Process allows employers to directly post and manage job listings, simplifying direct hires without an intermediary. offers a more structured process with tools for tracking applications and assisting in the interview process.

Fees and Costs operates with a subscription model where employers pay to access contact details, with no additional hiring fees. charges a service fee per hire and may include varying levels of membership that offer additional features.

Platform Usability and Support offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface but limited customer support., in contrast, provides comprehensive support with advanced tools for project management and a more robust support system.

Security and Trustworthiness

Both platforms implement security measures. requires job seekers to verify their identity, and they offer several helpful guides on their website. provides additional layers of security, including verification processes for both job listings and freelancers.

Success Stories and Reviews

Both platforms have good reviews on Trustpilot. has numerous success stories from employers who have built lasting teams.'s reviews often highlight its flexibility and efficiency in scaling teams quickly.

Both platforms face critiques, mostly regarding the extensive vetting needed and occasional platform-specific limitations.

Should I Use or

Should I Use OnlineJobs or VirtualStaff

Deciding between and depends on your hiring needs.

  • If you require flexibility and diverse job roles for short-term or varied projects, is ideal.
  • For long-term, stable employment with direct hiring of Filipino professionals, is the better choice.

Choose based on your project's scope and duration.

When to Use

Use when you need to quickly scale your team for short-term projects or require flexibility in hiring for both temporary and permanent roles.

It's ideal for businesses seeking comprehensive management tools and robust support to streamline hiring and project management.

When to Use

Opt for when looking for long-term, dedicated Filipino professionals. This platform is perfect for employers who prefer direct, ongoing engagements without intermediaries.

It's especially suitable if you're focused on building stable, long-term teams and appreciate a straightforward, cost-effective hiring process.


OnlineJobs vs VirtualStaff Conclusion

In conclusion, and cater to distinct needs. is best for those seeking long-term, stable employment with Filipino professionals., on the other hand, offers greater flexibility with its support for both short-term projects and permanent roles.

When choosing between the two, evaluate the nature of your projects and the necessary employment duration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, or offers specialized services while provides a broader range of job categories. Decide based on your specific needs and preferences. But overall, we prefer

Is safe? employs safety measures like verified employer accounts and monitoring systems. Exercise caution, as with any online platform, and use secure payment methods.

Should I use or to hire Filipino workers?

Choose based on your hiring requirements. suits specialized tasks, while offers a wider selection of job categories.

What’s the difference between and focuses on specialized services, while covers a broader range of job categories, catering to diverse hiring needs. Select based on your specific job requirements.