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Best AI Writing Courses

Best AI Writing Courses [Updated for 2024]

If you've ever wanted to work with AI writing tools, but were unsure where to start, there are several online courses on the market. These courses can help you to understand the basics of AI writing, as well as how you can use these tools in your own projects.

The courses range from introductory-level to advanced-level content, so there’s a course for every skill level.

Here are some of the most popular free and paid courses offered.

AI Writing for Bloggers and Digital Marketers

Jasper's SEO Course

SEO Writing Masterclass

The AI-Assisted Author-The Creative Penn

Blog writers & editors
Blog writers
Blog writers
Creative writers
Platforms Covered
Content at Scale
No Demos
Long-Form Content
Short-Form Content

Disclaimer: In the spirit of honesty, we have to admit that we are guilty of one thing: being slightly biased toward the AI Writing Course for Bloggers and Digital Marketers. That’s because we made it! And we’re super proud of it. Even so, we tried to be as fair and objective as possible.

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1. AI Writing for Bloggers and Digital Marketers

Ai Course Tool Demos

The creators of AI Writing for Bloggers and Digital Marketers have created a course that is AI tool agnostic, meaning they don’t just demo one tool. They give you a variety of tools like Jasper, Content at Scale,, and ChatGPT to look at so that you can decide which tool works best for your workflow. There are tutorials for creating both long-form content (blog posts or articles) and short-form content (emails, social media posts, etc.).

It also goes beyond showing you how to use different platforms. The course discusses the ins and outs of editing AI-generated content, AI-specific pitfalls, how to beat AI detectors, and more. It even gives you specific insights into how to create AI-generated content for several different types of content like emails, online courses, product descriptions, and more. This course is packed with a ton of actionable information. Check out our full review here.


  • Tool agnostic
  • Discusses long-form and short-form content creation
  • Created by digital marketers for digital marketers
  • Good for beginners and more experienced content creators
  • 17 videos (4 hours)
  • Tool-specific tutorials and detailed walkthroughs
  • Clear examples and presentation
  • Downloadable checklists and guides
  • Discounts on AI tools
  • Most up-to-date course


  • Audio levels tend to be inconsistent. Not a big issue. Just a gripe.
  • Biased against Jasper. The instructors demo this popular platform, but you can tell it’s not their favorite.
  • It could use more information on keyword planning to enter into the AI tool.
  • I would’ve liked to see more lessons on how to optimize content after initial Google impressions.


  • Free


2. Jasper SEO Course

Jasper SEO Course

Jasper’s free writing course covers several topics for how to use Jasper in various scenarios, like creating blog posts or shorter content like social media posts. But its focus is blog and SEO.

This course will definitely provide a good foundation for using Jasper for your blog content. It is, however, dated. In January 2022, Jasper had to rebrand itself from Jarvis because of issues with Marvel’s Jarvis. All of the videos are still branded as Jarvis, which means that these videos don’t cover the more recent advancements Jasper has made.


  • Good introductory course for Jasper
  • 17 videos
  • Covers optimizing Jasper-generated text
  • Demonstrates replicable steps


  • Only covers Jasper
  • Only current up through January 2022


  • Free

3. SEO Writing Masterclass by Surfer

Surfer Masterclass SEO

The SEO Writing Masterclass is a great introduction to using Surfer. Like Jasper’s course, it’s specific to their own platform. Similarly, they show you not only how to generate articles using Surfer but also provide tips for good practices when creating SEO-driven content.

The course focuses in on everything you’ll need to create long-form content (blogs, articles) when using Surfer. But if you’re looking for courses that integrate short-form content like emails, social media posts, or ad copy, then you’ll want to look at a different platform. Surfer works best (and thus the course too) for long-form.


  • Provides solid introduction to Surfer
  • 18 videos
  • Details optimization process for Surfer
  • Clear examples and presentation


  • Only covers Surfer
  • Only covers long-form content


  • Free

4. The AI-Assisted Author—The Creative Penn

Creative Penn Course

Joanna Penn’s course, The AI-Assisted Author, is built for creative writers. The course covers everything from a broad overview of AI in writing to using AI tools in fiction or nonfiction to leveraging AI to market books you’ve written.

Penn is definitely a techno-optimist. So, for writers who are fearful of AI coming to steal their jobs, she dispels myths and helps authors learn to ride the wave of AI advancements.


  • Clear and organized presentation
  • Syllabus available before purchase
  • Research and book recommendations
  • 19 videos (4.5 hours)
  • Helps authors and writers understand the advantages and disadvantages of integrating AI into their workflow
  • Her ebook about AI is included.


  • No tutorials of AI tools
  • Primarily for creative writers


  • The cost of the course is $199.


What is the best free AI writing course?

There’s no clear-cut winner here. The AI writing courses that are free are platform-specific. I would suggest determining which platform you want to go with and then utilizing their course.

What is the best paid AI writing course?

AI Writing for Bloggers and Digital Marketers. This course has the most thorough walkthroughs of multiple platforms as well as tons of tips for integrating AI writing tools into your workflow.

Do any AI writing courses come with a discount?

Yes, our AI Writing for Bloggers and Digital Marketers course has an exclusive discount for Content at Scale. You can get 20% extra credits a month for life.