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Best Fiverr IOS Developers

Fiverr iOS Development: 11 Best iOS Developers For Your Next Project

Want to develop an iOS app? We don’t blame you – it seems nearly every other person you pass on the street has an Apple phone or tablet in their hands.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled some of the site’s top freelance developers, showcasing what they do well and why they made our shortlist. Rounding things out is our step-by-step guide to using Fiverr, so you can start hiring freelancers like a pro.

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11 Best Fiverr iOS Developers

To find the top Fiverr iOS developers, we reviewed their Fiverr ratings, project history, pricing tiers, and any other notable selling points to find the best options for a variety of needs.

1. huzaifa_shakil

huzaifa_shakil profileThough pricier than many other options on this list, huzaifa_shakil is an excellent option for those who want a proven, high-quality iOS app developer working on their project.

Farooq is a Fiverr’s Choice top pick, and he has the skills to customize your app with features like push notifications, payment systems, Google Maps integration, and more. One look at his offerings and you’ll be hard-pressed not to consider this computer science grad for your next project.

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2. nazneenkhan0210

nazneenkhan0210 profileFreelancer nazneenkhan0210 is a top-selling Fiverr iOS developer who specializes in creating iOS applications with Swift. This seller doesn’t just boast plenty of five-star reviews – they also have to their credit an exceptional number of repeat buyers, according to Fiverr.

That’s likely because this seller offers totally customized solutions in order to deliver the application you’re looking for. No wonder so many people come back to this seller.

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3. a_rmondal

a_rmondal profileNeed to convert your website into an iOS (or Android) app? Check out a_rmondal. Their unique specialty perfectly positions them for today’s mobile-oriented digital environment – and yet their services cost just $10 to start.

That price buys basic functionality like a progress bar, file upload options, external link-handling, and more, and they will have your project turned around in just two days. Want more? Just ask. If you’re ready to expand your site from the desktop to the smartphone, reach out.

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4. flavorstack

flavorstack profileWant to work with a freelancer that has been used by the likes of Apple and Amazon? Looking for a freelancer that is Fiverr Pro verified? Meet flavorstack. You won’t find a more expensive freelancer on our list – they start at an eye-watering $2,495 – but their credentials, Verified status, and project history put them in the big leagues.

This is an American-based provider with 12 years of Silicon Valley experience offering completely custom solutions for iOS (and Android). If you want the best, here you go.

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5. sibtainali491

sibtainali491 profileAnother excellent developer on Fiverr is sibtainali491, who will enhance your existing app with additional features. He has extensive knowledge and experience working within the SwiftUI software. His prices vary based on the features you’re looking to add, but expect him to charge by the feature.

You’ll want to reach out to get details on how he’ll tackle your project, but from his proven feedback, this seller is a top option when you’re ready to propel your current app to the next level.

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6. rahul_dy_123

rahul_dy_123 profileWith a long list of five-star ratings to his credit, rahul_dy_123 is a top choice among Fiverr iOS developers. His work includes incorporating the elements of your choice, including features like social media integration and API. He also will convert your website to an app as well. They offer advertising integration, push notifications, and other important features businesses will want to incorporate into their app.

Creativity, simplicity, and usage is the mantra of this seller, and from his countless high ratings, we think he hits the mark.

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7. mudassir0900

mudassir0900 profileLooking for a custom app built with React native software tools? It’s time to turn to mudassir0900. Their specialty is providing customers with fast, affordable, custom solutions that cater to businesses in the services and gig economy industries – think food delivery, taxi booking, payment applications, and so on. They’ll return a working draft of your project within 7 days and include with it everything you need to scale it up immediately.

Considering his price, turnaround time, and impressive testimonials, it’s no wonder he is a top hit when searching for iOS developers on Fiverr.

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8. sag1998

sag1998 profileHave an app that’s riddled with bugs and glitches? Try reaching out to sag1998. This seller specializes in going through your app to fix issues both large and small. Some of the problems they’ll be happy to solve include UI/UX design issues, performance issues, API-related issues, and more.

He also offers gigs that cover everything from high-dollar, custom-built apps to affordable website app conversion. With countless five-star reviews and positive testimonials across all his gigs, this seller will be an excellent resource no matter your needs.

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9. scorpiitech

scorpiitech profileSometimes you have the code ready to go but need someone to give it your own personal flair with a quick reskinning or rebranding. If that’s the case, turn to scorpiitech – a noted Fiverr reskinning provider. Their work is all about turning existing code into a unique asset that features all the markings of your own brand, something he does by altering pictures, fonts, and user integration.

They can also enhance your app with other functionalities as well. For $100 to start, this seller is a mid-priced, well-rated reskinner you’re looking for.

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10. amogenlara

amogenlara profileWant a piece of the mobile gaming pie? Reach out to amogenlara, who specializes in building games for the App Store. With over six years of experience building a variety of mobile games, this seller comes with significant experience in the industry. Fast turnarounds and affordable pricing further distinguish this seller from other iOS game developers – just $20 buys you a ready-to-upload game for the App Store.

Once you read their reviews, you’ll see why people turn to this seller when they want a game developed.

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11. wajahat_malek

wajahat_malek profileRounding out our list is wajahat_malek, a developer that offers end-to-end iOS development solutions. From ideation to deployment, this seller is there for you, and their 10-plus years of experience in Flutter mobile app development help alleviate any concerns you may have regarding their credentials. Just a few of the many perks of working with this seller include unlimited revisions, prototyping, bug fixing – the list goes on.

If you want to partner with one developer that knows iOS apps inside and out, shoot this seller a message.

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Why Fiverr?

Why Fiverr for IOS Developers

As one of the best-known freelancing platforms, Fiverr is unmatched when it comes to top talent at affordable prices. The site helps people from all over the world provide top-tier solutions at highly competitive prices, and their collective experience encompasses just about every possible niche you can imagine. Whatever you might need completed, Fiverr has a freelancer waiting for you.

The reasons to use Fiverr are practically endless: short turnaround times, impressive filtering features, a seamless interface, and secure payment processing are just a few compelling arguments as to why Fiverr is the best way to hire freelancers. Fiverr’s all-encompassing focus on both user safety as well as ease of use has made it a top choice among both businesses and freelancers.

It’s also worth noting that Fiverr handles all payment transactions in-house and is considered a Level 1 PCI-DSS service provider. This designation indicates that anyone facilitating online payments via Fiverr will enjoy a level of encryption equivalent to any other top-tier site.

Of course, Fiverr isn’t the only option available to you. Besides other freelancer platforms, you can hire professional agencies or even try to do the work in-house. How do these options stack up to Fiverr? Let’s take a look:

Fiverr vs. DIY

Fiverr vs DIY IOS Development

Spoiler alert: quality app development is hard. It’s why the median income of professionals in this field is comfortably in the six figures. Working out bugs, exploiting the capabilities of the different programming languages, and creative ideation are just some of the hurdles you’re up against should you choose to create an app from scratch.

To even begin to gain the skills required to achieve this level of proficiency in app development demands hours of study, practice, dedication, and research. It isn’t something that you want to try to do yourself, especially when you consider that your customers or target audience will be the end users. Cut corners or fail to rectify any performance bugs and you’ll likely be turning off more people with your app than not.

Ultimately, it’s like anything else – hire a pro and it’ll be done quickly and correctly the first time. Do it yourself and it will take twice as long and work half as well. Unless you already have the skills necessary, you’ll be far better off utilizing a freelancer’s talents to get the app you want.

Fiverr vs. Other Options

Fiverr is a leader among freelance platforms, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. A wide variety of freelance platforms are now available for iOS developers to take advantage of, including Toptal and Upwork.

Still, the competition doesn’t dampen the evergreen appeal of Fiverr. The site continues to stand out for its easy-to-use platform and interface, affordable pricing, and incredibly diverse freelance talent pool. You’ll see what we mean once you discover Fiverr’s usability and price points firsthand. How can you go wrong taking a chance on a well-rated freelancer whose services might begin at just $5?

Another option is an app development agency. iOS agencies will be far more expensive than an individual freelancer, but the extra money likely buys a more formal relationship that may involve far more than simple app development. If you want a complete, end-to-end solution, an agency may be worth considering. Otherwise, go freelance and save money.

How to Choose a Freelance iOS Developer on Fiverr

How to Choose IOS Developer

It’s easy to always find the perfect freelancer on Fiverr thanks to the site’s straightforward user interface and a wide array of available filters. With a bit of practice and some due diligence, you’ll be able to quickly go from a first-time Fiverr user to a seasoned pro discovering the site’s best iOS developers. Here’s our step-by-step approach to get started:

Use the Filters

Fiverr filters allow you to sift through potential service providers based on a number of different attributes. Because there’s so many ways to narrow down your options, you’ll easily be able to find the developers most closely aligned with your needs and expectations.

It’s easy to get started: just visit Fiverr's website and search “iOS developer” in the main search box. The results will give you a bird's-eye look at the breadth and diversity of iOS developers available for hire. Just above these initial search results, you should see a few dropdown options for further filtering. These dropdowns include:

  • Service Options
  • Seller Details
  • Budget
  • Delivery Time

Most of these categories are self-explanatory. Service options will filter by type of app, programming language, and seller expertise. Seller Details lets you see results based on a freelancer's country of residence, native language, and seller level. Budget and delivery time filters ensure you find a freelancer you can afford who will return your finished app when you need it.

Review Seller Profiles

Now that you’ve refined your search, it’s time to dive into individual seller profiles and see who jumps out at you.

Any experienced developer who knows a thing or two about how to design an iOS app will have a portfolio of past work available for your review. These prior projects offer unparalleled insight into their style and quality of work – what you see in their portfolio often suggests how they approach their work and will reveal if any common UX themes or motifs carry through across their different projects. If so, you can consider this phase of the due diligence process as a chance to preview what your own app may look like at the hands of this particular developer.

If a freelancer has made their full portfolio public, check that out as well. If not, you can just reach out and ask them for more information about their past work – most app developers are passionate about what they do and excited to score a new client, so they’ll likely be happy to share examples or details beyond what might be available in Fiverr.

Read Seller Reviews

You’ll want to spend most of your time reading seller reviews, as these testimonials are the best indication of whether a freelancer can live up to their claims and meet your expectations.

Pay special attention to the negative reviews. Can you spot a common thread between them? Are you noticing consistent red flags? Ask yourself these questions as you vet potential freelancers you might be considering. With so many options on Fiverr, don’t be afraid to walk away from those providers that don’t seem up to your standards.

As you read through both positive and negative reviews, you’ll know whether or not a freelancer is worth further consideration.

Talk With Candidates

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of candidates, reach out directly by clicking “Contact”.

When beginning a conversation with candidates, start with the basics. This includes the design you might be looking for, what features you want, and any timeline or turnaround expectations. Be sure to also mention your pricing parameters or ask for an estimate – don’t go into any agreement without an idea of what you might be paying once all is said and done. This early dialogue is key to seeing if a seller is a good match and if your partnership would be fruitful.

Remember that each freelancer sets their own price and revision options through Fiverr’s “Gig” system. Talk with each candidate what this might mean for your project, as many sellers will likely base the final price on the features and functionality you’re looking to have included in your app.

We recommend only finalizing a contract and beginning work after you’ve had the relevant preliminary discussions addressing any particulars of your project.

Bonus Tip: Look for Rising Star Freelancers

Finding IOS Developer Bonus Tip

Here’s a Fiverr tip: consider hiring a freelancer denoted as a Rising Star. This coveted callout is used to distinguish providers who might not have four figures worth of reviews or years of experience just yet, but are talented, professional, and have found early success when it comes to pleasing clients.

Because Rising Stars are still working their way toward Level 1 seller status – the highest designation for any Fiverr freelancer, and one earned only after years of top performance – odds are they’re eager to overdeliver so as to rack up more positive reviews and keep moving up the Fiverr search rankings. Take advantage of their hunger to exceed your expectations by giving these providers a chance.

Types of Fiverr Gigs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to develop an iOS application?

Developing an iOS app is a highly variable process, so there’s no set timeline on how long it might take. Many Fiverr providers profiled here offer turnarounds that can be measured in days, but more complex projects often take longer. After all, even the simplest iOS apps require an extensive development process that includes designing, testing, compiling feedback, and refining accordingly until you have a reliable, bug-free final product.

What programming languages are used for iOS development?

Objective-C and Swift are the two most common languages used. Objective-C was originally designed by Apple to build software for Mac OS X and iOS operating systems and is still in widespread use today. Swift, which was also created by Apple, is an open-source programming language that’s compatible with other software written in Objective-C or C++.

Is Fiverr worth it for hiring iOS developers?

Yes. Fiverr is one of the most popular, trusted freelance marketplaces out there, making it a top platform for the world’s most ambitious and talented service providers. Many of these pros also offer their services at unbeatable prices. Thanks to Fiverr’s robust feedback system and a secure payment processing solution, you can vet and hire an iOS developer with confidence.

What are some alternatives to Fiverr for iOS developers?

Alternatives to Fiverr include other freelance marketplaces, such as Upwork, or an app development agency. The right choice for you depends on your needs, budget, and expectations.