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Best Virtual Assistants on Fiverr

Best Fiverr Profiles for Virtual Assistants

Need to get more done for your business?

On Fiverr, you can find hundreds of virtual assistants who can help you with everything from cold calling to data entry, customer service, and more.

Here’s a look at the top 12 VA services now available on Fiverr.

Are you a freelance VA looking for work? Check out our list of the best places to find work.

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12 Best Fiverr Profiles for Virtual Assistants

1. Samikstra_Goyal

Samikstra_Goyal Profile

If you are looking for a long-term VA, then Smikstra_Goyal is going to be an excellent choice. She is a Level 2 provider on Fiverr and offers her services for as little as $10.

She is able to provide a number of services, including travel planning, photo editing, project management support, and more. Her premium service is available for $200.

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2. odeliakiefer5

odeliakiefer5 Profile

When you are on a budget,m you should consider odeliakiefer5 as a “go-to” VA provider.” She is a Level One seller on Fiverr who offers her services for as little as $20.

Her Basic service includes one hour of administrative work. Services available include travel planning, basic photo editing, organizing files, and more.

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3. FletcherPooleva

FletcherPooleva Profile

When you want a VA that has some experience, then consider FlectechPooleva. This is a Level Two seller who has completed over 50 VA projects on Fiverr.

The provider’s Basic Service is priced at $30 and offers an hour of service plus an optional Zoom Call. The Premium service is available for $460 and provides an entire day of service.

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4. Roseboom

Roseboom Profile

Do you need someone to help manage your blog or a portfolio of blogs? Then Raza_Asif is an excellent choice. Her Basic service offers three hours of VA work.

She is a specialist when it comes to administrating blogs. She also offers  Premium service for $240. The Premium service provides 12 hours of administrative work.

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5. Lakeisha_Calls

Lakeisha_Calls Profile

If you want to get a VA on a budget, then consider Lakeisha_Calls. She offers her Basic Services for just $10 an hour.

This VA can provide you with a wide range of VA services, including Basic photo editing, travel planning, administrative work, and more. Her Premium Service is available for $60 and provides six hours of VA service.

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6. VAService247

VAService247 Profile

D a data entry specializes? Then take a look at VAService247. For $20, you can book three hours of VA service that includes basic administrative work.

The Seller is currently rated at Level Two and has over 225 positive reviews.

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7. Rimza_Khan

Rimza_Khan Profile

Here is another bargain-priced VA service provider that offers up to two hours of service for just $10.

Rimza_Khan can provide a number of administrative work from tagging files to data entry. He also offers a Premium Service, which allows you to book up to 20 hours of VA work for just $95.

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8. DenaeKohler

DenaeKohler Profile

When you want a professional-level VA for more complex projects, then you should take a look at DeneaKophler. This provider offers her services at $30 per hour.

However, she can deliver top-level project management support for your more complex projects. Please note that this provider is very popular and can occasionally be overbooked.

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9. Naziya678

Naziya678 Profile

If you want to book a Level Two seller for less, then consider the services of Naziya678./ She offers her services for just $5 for one hour of VA work.

She is an expert when it comes to data entry, excel, web research, and copy-paste work. She also offers Premium Service for $40, which delivers 8 hours of VA work.

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10. ForeverBloom218

ForeverBloom218 Profile

ForeverBloom218 is a FIver Choice provider which means that he has been vetted by Fiverr to be among the best VAs on the platform.

The provider can deliver a wide range of VA services, including photo editing, data entry, project management, and more. Currently, the provider has over 25 positive custom reviews and is rated at Level Two.

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11. Pardisnoor

Pardisnoor Profile

Here is an experienced VA that offers her services for $20 per hour.

PArdiosnoor can offer you everything from project management to Basic Photo Editing as well as data entry services. Her Premium Service is priced at $80 and delivers four hours of VA work.

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12. Zunaira444

Zunaira444 Profile

Perhaps one of the best deals on Fiverr right now is Zunaira444 who offers up to two hours of project management VA work for just $5.

She is a rather popular provider, so you need to check to make sure that her calendar can accommodate your schedule. She also offers Premium Service for $40, which delivers 12 hours of VA work.

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Why Fiverr for Virtual Assistant Services?

Why Fiverr for Virtual Assistant

Fiverr is known as the largest platform for freelancer services. That means that you will find a wide variety of virtual assistants who can provide you with a range of services. Not only that, you can find virtual assistants for a range of prices to suit almost any budget.

Fiverr vs DIY for Virtual Assistant Services

Fiverr vs DIY Virtual Assistant

Sure, you can find a virtual assistant yourself. However, you may end up spending lots of time trying to find the right person who is qualified to handle your tasks. On the other hand, Fiverr offers ratings that allow you to easily find the best Virtual Assistant services.

Fiverr vs Other Marketplaces

What really sets Fiverr apart from the competition is the fact that it has more freelancers available. Additionally, Fiverr has excellent customer service and offers mediation in case you have a conflict with the service provider.

See how:

How to Choose a Virtual Assistant Service on Fiverr

How to Choose Virtual Assistant on Fiverr

Here is a look at the four factors to consider when looking for the ideal Virtual Assistant on Fiverr.

  • Customer Rating – Service providers are rated on a scale of one to five stars. You should look at service providers with an average rating of 4.8 or more.
  • Experience – Fiverr will also show you how many projects the provider has worked on. It is recommended that you consider Virtual Assistants that have worked on at least 20 projects on the platform.
  • Fiverr Level – You can check the rank level of each Virtual Assistant service. We recommend that you look at Virtual Assistant services that are at Level Two or are rated as a Top Rated Seller. You can consider Level One sellers for smaller-scale projects.
  • Cost – You will also want to consider the overall cost of the project. Instead of strictly going for the Virtual Assitant that has the lowest price, take a look at what you are getting for a given price. The value of the service will matter when hiring the right Virtual Assistant.

Types of Fiverr Gigs