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Fiverr Logo Design – 17 Best Fiverr Freelancers to Hire to Jumpstart Your Brand

It’s hard to understate the importance of logos to a business and its brand, so creating effective designs is imperative in today’s business landscape.

When it comes to finding the right logo designer, there’s plenty of choices. However, millions of businesses have chosen Fiverr for their logo design needs.

Why is that? And who should I go to if I want excellent freelance logo design services?

In this article, we’ll be answering those questions to help you find the best Fiverr logo designer to help you build your brand.

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17 Best Fiverr Logo Designers

While using Fiverr’s diverse selection tools is valuable, it can be time-consuming. If you’re a business looking to find the best Fiverr logo designer, you need all the help you can get.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 17 best Fiverr logo designers to get you started on your search. We’ll be listing their Fiverr ratings, their design styles, and other details to help you make some preliminary decisions.

1. rroxx

Fiverr Logo Designer - rroxx

Finally, our choice for the top-rated and best logo designer on Fiverr is rroxx, whose affordable and sleek logo design skills proceed himself. Anything from retro badges to slim signature-styles to even minimalist designs, rroxx is the best choice for those with creative ambitions but are on a tight budget.

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2. mniluka

Fiverr Logo Designer - mniluka
From minimalist designs to vectorization and creative illustrations, mniluka is an excellent logo designer. You won’t be disappointed in his unique designs and his communication skills.

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3. spark4hope

Fiverr Logo Designer - spark4hope

With a nearly perfect 5 star rating across 10,000 reviews, spark4hope is an incredibly diverse designer that has no shortage of logo design work.

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4. diplomadon

Fiverr Logo Designer - diplomadon

If you’re looking for elegant designs, diplomadon is currently your highest rated bet. They produce watercolor designs, excellent calligraphy, and other creative logo styles to fit your business needs.

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5. arundaskm

Fiverr Logo Designer - arundaskm

As a Top Rated Seller, arundaskm creates excellent logos that pop on both business cards and your social media banners. He has a 5 star rating across 7,000 ratings, making his services hard to pass up.

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6. cre8tiveartwork

Fiverr Logo Designer - cre8tiveartwork

cre8tiveartwork is comprised of two graphic designers, Alex and Mika, who can produce a wide variety of different logo styles. They can use whatever design sketch you might have and translate it into engaging logos.

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7. grandpa_designs

Fiverr Logo Designer - grandpa_designs

For those that want to keep it simple, grandpa_designs offers sleek minimalist logos that do away with fancy graphics and produce eye-catching designs at a low price. With a 4.9 rating across 10,000 reviews, there’s a reason he’s in our top 10.

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8. dannavictoria

Fiverr Logo Designer - dannavictoria

Not all logos have to be rigid, sleek, postmodern designs. User dannavictoria leverages her watercolor and calligraphy skills to create logo designs that are incredibly elegant. If you’re looking for excellent illustrations for your logos, this is the freelancer for you.

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9. alex_logos

Fiverr Logo Designer - alex_logos

Described as an excellent communicator with over 3,000 clients under his belt, alex_logos is a great option for a minimalist, modern logo design. Their gigs are generally in the $40-$50 price range and his response time is generally around 4 hours.

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10. ilovenish

Fiverr Logo Designer - ilovenish

While an animated logo isn’t the first thing that pops into people’s minds when they think of freelance logo designs, it’s a popular trend that works well for websites and social media accounts. ilovenish does a great job of making inventive animated logos for extremely affordable prices.

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11. logoflow

Fiverr Logo Designer - logoflow

Whether you’re looking for logo designs for your business card, flyers, or t-shirts, logoflow provides reliable work at extremely competitive prices. With a 4.9 star rating across a thousand reviews, you’ll get excellent work for the price you pay.

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12. ei8htz

Fiverr Logo Designer - ei8htz

ei8htz offers colorful yet simple logo designs at prices as low as $5. They’re a Top Rated Seller with a 4.9 star rating across more than 1,000 reviews. Their vector skills are particularly noteworthy and will be perfect for business cards.

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13. designsforrest

Fiverr Logo Designer - designsforrest

With a 4.9 star rating across 1,000+ reviews, designsforrest is an excellent choice for business cards and flyers. As part of a larger company, designsforrest ensures a high quality of work and customer service.

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14. maya_studio

Fiverr Logo Designer - maya_studio

Looking for luxury minimalist logo designs? maya_studio’s got you covered. With affordable one-time designs around $45 to $50, your clients won’t believe you got such sleek logo designs for this low of a price.

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15. manoj2016

Fiverr Logo Designer - manoj2016

Don’t let manoj2016's level two ranking fool you. If you’re looking for sleek modern logo designs for stationery items like business cards, he’s more than a capable choice. He also has a quick response time of around 1 hour.

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16. shailene_george

Fiverr Logo Designer - shailene_george

Another Top-Rated Seller, shailene_george is an excellent choice for professional-looking logos and PowerPoint designs. They have a 4.9 star rating across 6,000 reviews and has an average response time of around 3 hours.

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17. weperfectionist

Fiverr Logo Designer - weperfectionist

This Fiverr designer is a top-rated freelance logo artist that’s been on the platform since 2015. He has a star rating of 4.9 out of 5 across 1000+ ratings. weperfectionist primarily does business cards and banner designs and is an expert in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Why Fiverr?

Fiverr has thousands of professionals in hundreds of different niches ready to go to work on your project (Check out our detailed review of Fiverr). It’s a great platform for finding cost-effective freelancers, including logo design.

The short turnaround time you get with many of the top logo designers is unparalleled, and the quality is hardly ever lacking. More often than not, you won’t have much trouble finding reasonable pay for the designs you hire out.

Let’s take a look at why you should hire Fiverr freelance logo designers over any DIY or other freelancing options.

Fiverr vs. DIY

It might seem cheaper to simply design your own logo then scan it to use for your business. After all, it’s your brand so you’re the most knowledgeable on what it represents, right?

Not always. While we don’t doubt that businesses are the experts of their own brand, they’re not always experts when it comes to graphic design.

There are plenty of nuances when it comes to logos like its simplicity, relevance, and even adaptability. A freelance logo designer is trained to handle those elements, and you’ll find plenty of great candidates on Fiverr.

Fiverr vs. Logo Design Software

A lot of people invest in programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create their own logos if they don’t have any immediate art skills. Again, while this might work for some, you’ll get higher quality products if you freelance the work to a professional.

The best logo designers on Fiverr have spent years learning how to use these programs and know every ins and outs. They know how to leverage logo design software to suit your organization’s needs.

Choosing Fiverr Freelancers Over Other Options

You may be asking yourself, “if I wanted freelance logo designers, why should I pick Fiverr over other sites out there?”

While we’re not saying other sites are bad options, Fiverr offers the best payment and freelancer selection options that those platforms don’t have. You’d be hard-pressed to find other freelance websites that give you as many options and filters for finding the right logo designers as Fiverr.

Bonus Tip: If you're looking for just a logo design, Fiverr is the best option. If you're looking for more graphic design help, we recommend working with an unlimited graphic design company.

On top of that, Fiverr gives you a flexible window to review your designers’ work. This means you can request refunds if you don’t like a design and find another freelancer instead.

How to Choose a Freelance Logo Designer on Fiverr

The problem that many users face is sifting through the literal thousands of logo designers to find the right fit. You’ll find plenty of great, okay, and downright bad reviews for many of the designers on here.

So how do you find the right one?

Use the Filters

Fiverr Logo Design - Filtering Options

Fiverr gives you the tools to pick out the most likely freelancers for your needs.

You can refine your results by navigating through the filters on the top left side of the screen. Look at the different styles and choose the one you need for your business.

Fiverr lets you choose candidates that can get designs out quickly through their Delivery Time filter. Need a flexible time frame? Customize your Budget filter, and filter freelancers based on their time on the platform through the Seller Level option.

Review Seller Profiles

Now that you’ve narrowed down your search, it’s time to look at individual seller profiles.

Most freelancers showcase their past work, letting you gauge whether they’re the right fit for your brand. Make sure they include a watermark on their samples so you know they didn’t plagiarize anything.

If they have a link to their own portfolio site, great! Check those out to get a better idea of their expertise.

Make sure you check reviews. A lot of good positive reviews are helpful to sort through, but I wouldn't let this paralyze your decision. If you're going to look at reviews, use the review sorting option. Look at negative reviews and put some weight in that. If the negative reviews seem like they are justified, maybe think twice. If they just seem like crazy clients or people that'll never be happy, don't sweat it too much, especially if the positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones.

Fiverr Logo Design - Check Reviews

I also like to read the most recent reviews and look for buyers that were in the same country as me. That is helpful, especially if the freelancer is based in a different part of the world. It helps you understand if there is going to be a potential language barrier or communication gap.

One other part of the profile that's worth taking a look at is the Fiverr Learn section (example pictured below).

Logo Design - Learn from Fiverr

If you're on a desktop, this is shown on the left-hand sidebar of a seller's profile. It's a good gauge to see how active the Fiverr logo designer is. It also helps demonstrate their level of commitment to stay on top of the latest logo design trends. Seeing a lot of badges and completed courses are an extra assurance that the seller is legit.

Talk With Candidates

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of candidates, shoot them a message by clicking “Contact”.

Fiverr Logo Design - Message Candidates

Start a conversation about a freelancer’s body of work and the details that you’re looking for. Get a sense of each candidate and decide which ones are the best options for you.

Remember that each freelancer sets their own price and revision options through Fiverr’s “Gig” system. Talk with each candidate about how this will all work to find the optimal payment.

Once you’ve found someone who understands your brand and offers a serviceable pricing structure, you’re off to the races!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fiverr good for logo design?

Fiverr is a good option for businesses looking for cheap logo design options. There are a large number of freelancers with varying design styles, experience, and pricing options. Fiverr's freelancer platform makes it easy to search gigs and communicate with sellers. They also provide world-class support and if you aren't happy with the logo design that you get, you can contact Fiverr directly and work towards a resolution.

How much does a logo cost on Fiverr?

Logo designs on Fiverr range in prices based on the designer, the amount of concepts you want, and revisions required. On average, a logo design costs around $30-$50 on Fiverr. You can find some logo design gigs for as little as $5 and others that are over $200.

Leverage Fiverr Logo Designs Today

Creating effective logos is an important part of your brand’s development, and Fiverr’s logo designers are trained to give you the best product to help you succeed. Leverage this guide to find the best freelancer for your specific brand and budgetary needs.

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