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Best Fiverr Profiles for SMS Marketing

9 Best Fiverr Profiles for Text Message Marketing

Did you know that text message marketing has some of the highest open rates in marketing? In fact, the average text message has an 80% open rate!

This is why you should consider professional text message marketing services.

The good news is that Fiverr offers hundreds of affordable text message marketing providers. Here are some of the best.

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9 Best Fiverr Text Message Marketing Providers

1. Arslanat profile

Arslanat profileArslanat is one of the top providers when it comes to setting up an account and delivering bulk SMS campaigns. The service starts at a reasonable $30 and you can get the premium service for just $60 with two days delivery.

The provider has a 4.9 rating with over 100 reviews.

2. Traffic_Mate

Top Value Provider

Traffic_Mate profileDo you need someone with a high level of experience to deliver your next SMS campaign for less? Then we recommended Traffic_Mate. This provider has over 44 reviews and is a Level 2 seller with a basic service for only $10.

Not only that, the provider can deliver to 2,500 accounts for just $40.

3. Shuvosays

Top professional seller

Shuvosays profileIf you are looking for a professional-level major lSMS campaign, then you will want to see what Shuvosays has to offer. The provider’s Basic service includes a complete setup campaign for just $30.

The provider has an over 5-star rating with over 30 customer reviews.

4. Pro_ecom

Top eCom SMS service

Pro_ecom profileDo you need to deliver a big SMS campaign for your eCom store? Then take a look at Pro_ecom’s service. This provider can provide SMS campaign delivery for abandoned carts in the Basic Package.

The Premium package includes all core flows throughout your eCom store for just $100.

5. SMSMarketers

SMSMarketers profileIf you are looking for a value-priced service that exclusively targets US phone numbers, then you will want to consider SMS Marketers. For just $10, the provider will send a campaign of 1,000 texts to US-based phone numbers.

The premium service will deliver to 10,000 SMS customers in the US for $120.

6. Shahzadkhar658

Shahzadkhar658 profileIf you are looking to target the valuable real estate market, then you will want to consider Shahzadkhar658. For just $15, the provider will send an SMS message to 200 customers.

The Premium package delivers 1,000 messages for $150.

7. Maliktanveer194

Maliktanveer194 profileInterested in targeting CEOs with your SMS campaign? Then consider the SMS campaign service from Maliktanveer194. For just $5, the provider will send a text message to 50 CEO phone numbers.

The provider has an overall rating of 4.9 stars.

8. Abdullah_gull

Abdullah_gull profileAnother budget provider to consider is Abdullah_Gull. The provider has a Basic package priced at just $10.

For the Premium service, the provider will provide a complete SMS campaign that will include two-way text chatting and campaign templates.

9. Robiul22rod

Robiul22rod profileIf you want to send an SMS campaign to the Linkin market, then look at the service provided by Robiul22rod. The provider will send – one-by-one – direct messages to 1,000 contacts for just $30. T

he Premium service will send 3,500 direct messages for just $120.



Why Fiverr for Text Message Marketing?

Why Fiverr for SMS Marketing

Fiverr is the largest freelancer site online. That means you are likely to find the text message marketing provider that is right for you. Not only that, Fiverr protects you from any issues that may come up and provides dispute resolution services. Finally, Fiverr offers vetting of freelancers before they are made available for you.

Fiverr vs DIY for Text Message Marketing

Fiverr vs DIY SMS Marketing

If you are not familiar with text message marketing, then it may take lots of time for you to set up an SMS marketing campaign. Also, a text message marketing professional will understand the intricacies of text message marketing, such as segmenting and split testing.

Fiverr vs Other Marketplaces

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace. That means that you are likely to find the service that is right for you. Additionally, Fiverr offers excellent customer service, which you may not find from other providers.

How to Choose a Text Message Marketing Service on Fiverr

How to Choose SMS Marketing Service on Fiverr

There are several factors to consider when choosing the ideal text message marketing professional on Fiverr. Here is what you should consider:

  • Experience – Be sure to check how long the provider has been on Fiverr. Each profile will tell you when the provider has started on the platform. Also, be sure to check how many projects that person has completed.
  • Customer Rating – Fiverr also allows customers to provide feedback on each project. You should consider providers that have an average rating of 4.90 or higher from at least 50 customer reviews.
  • Fiverr Level – Fiverr also ranks sellers according to a number of metrics. A seller can either be at level one, level two, or be a top-rated seller. Consider sellers with a level two or higher rating.
  • Cost – Finally, consider the cost. You should not necessarily just consider the seller with the lowest cost. It is better to look at the value that they provide. Also, don’t be afraid to pay more if the person is a top-rated service with a higher customer rating.

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