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Best Audio Editors on Fiverr

Top 11 Fiverr Profiles for Audio Engineers

Looking for an audio engineer that can work some magic on your music, video, voice over, or other audio files?

At DDIY, we have found that there are a number of excellent audio engineers on Fiverr.

To help you narrow down the search in minutes, we have identified the top 12 audio engineers to consider.

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11 Fiverr Profiles for Audio Engineers

1. muradagha

Editor’s Choice

muradagha profile

Muradagha is a level two seller and one of the top audio engineering choices on FIver. Currently, the seller has a perfect 5 star rating from over 218 customers.

The seller offers his Basic Package for just $30 and can provide a turnaround time of around three days.

2. elevatetoday

Best Budget Choice

elevatetoday profile

Elevatetoday has earned a coveted Fiverr Choice badge as one of the most reliable audio engineers on the platform. Currently, the seller has a stellar 4.9-star rating from over 116 customers.

The seller offers his services for just $25. His specialty includes audio mixing songs as well as large audio files.

3. carlosworks

Budget Choice

carlosworks profileIf you happen to be working on a small budget, then you will want to consider carlosworks. This seller offers his basic audio engineering package from just $15.

Specialties include professional song mastering for just about any genre of music. Please inquire about any non-music projects.

4. janmibg

janmibg profileDo you need a pro to handle your most important audio engineering projects? Then janmibg i​​s the pro for you. In fact, this seller is a Fiverr Pro seller who is among the top 3% of providers on the entire Fiverr platform.

The seller’s services start at $100 and include professional song mixing and mastering of one song.

5. chrisramirezmix

chrisramirezmix profileWhen you need an audio engineer with lots of experience, then take a look at what chrisramirezmix has to offer.

This seller has over 300 5-star ratings on Fiverr and provides professional mastering services for just $45. Additionally, the seller provides a turnaround time of just two days.

6. christianvel808

christianvel808 profile

Christianvel808 is one of the top audio engineers on Fiverr with over 50 five star reviews. The seller offers his Basic Package for $50 and that includes mixing, mastering and a two day trun around time for one song.

If you would like additional songs as part of the package, be sure to consider the seller.

7. albertomixing

albertomixing profile

Albertomixing is a Level one audio engineer who has over 50 five star reviews on Fiverr.

This seller has over 12 years experience and has mixed thousands of songs from all types of genres. Currently, the seller is offering his Basic Package for $50.

8. rvillacreces

rvillacreces profileIf you are looking for a relative bargain, then you should consider rvillacreces. This seller offers his basic package for just $35.

With the Basic Package, you can get mixing and mastering of one song. This seller currently has over 20 five-star reviews on the platform.

9. mickmmusic

mickmmusic profileWhen you need a pro level mixing audio engineering, then take a look at mickmmusic. This seller is pro Verified by Fiverr and offers his services at $100.

If you have a mixing and mastering job that needs to be broadcast quality, then this is the seller to consider. He currently has over 10 five-star reviews from top-tier business clients.

10. danielszanto

danielszanto profile

Danielszanto is a Pro Verified Fiverr seller who offers his services from $100. This seller has a perfect five-star overall rating from 30 reviews.

With his service, you will be able to get broadcast-quality mixing and mastering for one song. Be sure to inquire with the seller about bulk package pricing.

11. powerestudio

powerestudio profile

Powerestudio is a Level Two seller who has over 100 five-star ratings on Fiverr. This seller offers his Basic Package from just $20.

With a full professional audio facility in his home, this seller can deliver high quality mixing and mastering with a three day turnaround.



Why Fiverr for Audio Engineering Services?

Why Fiverr for Audio Editing

As the largest freelancing platform, Fiverr offers you more choices when it comes to audio engineers. That means that you are likely to find a professional that will fit your needs as well as your budget.

Fiverr vs DIY for Audio Engineering Services

Fiverr vs DIY Audio Editing

You may be able to find an audio engineer on your own. However, the time that it will take to find the most qualified professional can exceed the cost of using Fiverr’s service. The platform only adds a 20% surcharge on any price you pay to the freelancer.

Fiverr vs Other Marketplaces

Yes. There are other platforms where you can find audio engineers. For instance, you can find many qualified audio engineers on Upwork. However, Fiverr makes it easy to compare audio engineers and the platform provides mitigation services in case you ever have a conflict with the seller.

How to Choose an Audio Engineering Service on Fiverr

How to Choose Audio Editor Fiverr

Let’s take a look at four factors to consider when hiring an audio engineer on Fiverr.

  • Fiverr Level – Fiverr ranks its seller on three levels: Level ONe, Level Two and Top Seller. We recommend that you only consider those on Level Two and higher for more complex projects. Level One sellers are ideal for small projects as well as limited budgets.
  • Experience – With Fiverr, you can tell how long the audio engineer has been on the platform. Try to find an audio engineer who has worked on Fiverr for at least a year and has completed at least 10 projects.
  • Customer Rating – Buyers are able to rate sellers on a scale of one to five stars. We recommend that you only consider sellers who have an overall rating of 4.7 stars or higher from at least 10 reviews.
  • Cost – Finally, consider the cost of each seller. You don’t have to go with the cheapest seller on the market. In fact, we recommend that you consider the value that is provided with each proposed service.

Types of Fiverr Gigs