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My Review of Mobile Text Alerts

My Honest Review of Mobile Text Alerts

Founded in 2011, Mobile Text Alerts has a straightforward name that pretty much explains exactly what they do: SMS marketing that allows businesses to send their customers texts about promotions, sales, or updates.

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With all of the SMS marketing services now available, has this company kept up with the competition? Do they deliver on their promise of a 99% read rate?

Here’s my honest review of Mobile Text Alerts and if it’s a good idea to use their services.

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Mobile Text Alerts Review

Mobile Text Alerts

Overall, I think Mobile Text Alerts is a solid choice for businesses looking to use SMS marketing as part of their strategy.

For starters, the easy set-up is great because it allows me to get started on a plan right away without filling out a long form that asks too many questions.

Once you get started, the rest of the process is also easy. The dashboard is easy to navigate. The mobile app feature is a huge plus for busy business owners who need to check in on how well their SMS campaign is going or draft messages to send in the future from wherever they may be.

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I always appreciate integration features as I need to keep everything in one place. I also like that I can automate messages that will respond to texts that my number is sent even when I’m not available.

I do wish that there was a way for me to autofill every individual’s name in the text messages, as I think that personalization makes people more likely to respond, but that wasn’t a deal-breaker for me.

Character limits are always kind of annoying, but that comes with the territory of sending texts. Plus, I find it best to keep messages short and to the point. Nobody wants to read a huge wall of text anyway.

Mobile Text Alerts Pros

Pros: Here’s what I like about Mobile Text Alerts

With over a decade of experience in their field, Mobile Text Alerts has had plenty of time to improve on its practices and perfect SMS marketing. 

This is what I think the company does well:

  • Easy setup – you can get your account created and working within just 30 seconds.
  • Convenient to use – they have an easy-to-use dashboard setup as well as a mobile app.
  • Conversational – respond through the platform and set up automated responses to keep 24/7 communication with customers.
  • Experience – after over 10 years in SMS marketing, the company has amassed a few big-name clients including Roblox, Kroger, Yeti, and more.
  • Integrations – over 200 integrations that allow me to connect my SMS marketing campaign to Zoom, WordPress, Gmail, Shopify, etc. 

Mobile Text Alerts Cons

Cons: Here are the only things I don’t like about Mobile Text Alerts

Every company has its shortcomings or areas that can be improved upon.

Here’s what I think Mobile Text Alerts could be doing better:

  • The character limit – If you go over the character limit for texts, it will send as multiple separate texts, though this is standard for most SMS marketing services.
  • MMS – MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages count as 3 messages instead of 1 toward your monthly count.
  • Personalization – there isn’t a way to add customers’ personal names to each of the messages they receive, which I think would add a nice touch.

Mobile Text Alerts Overview

How Does Mobile Text Alerts Work?

Mobile Text Alerts automates mass text messaging campaigns for companies.

These messages can include everything from updates on your business to promotions to contests and even interactive reviews that you can send to customers.

The process of setting up an SMS campaign is made easy and looks like this:

Mobile Text Alerts Dashboard

  1. Add Contacts – you have a few easy options to go about getting your customers in the loop on your text messaging system- text to join, import spreadsheet, QR code opt-in, sign-up page, manual entry, and over 2,000 app integrations.Mobile Text Alerts ContactsYou also have the option to move your contacts into specific groups.Mobile Text Alerts Groups
  2. Once you’re all set up, you can send your first SMS or MMS message immediately. Text your customers or clients about the latest deals, send a reminder to your staff, or update everyone on the latest news at your business.Mobile Text Alerts Send a Messa
  3. Enjoy the benefits of texting your customers and staff: increased revenue, better communication with your team, and a more interactive approach to staying in contact with loyal customers.

Who Uses Mobile Text Alerts?

Mobile Text Alerts is designed for a variety of businesses including boutiques, coaching services, real estate, retail, online businesses, direct sales, churches, and even healthcare and customer service. Pretty much every business can benefit from SMS marketing.

A few of the impressive companies that use their service include:

  • Roblox
  • Kroger
  • Yamaha
  • Aisin
  • Yeti
  • Steak ‘n Shake

What Does Mobile Text Alerts Cost?

Mobile Text Alerts offers a free 14-day trial where you can send 50 messages containing one opt-in keyword from your new dedicated phone number. During this trial, you can use a QR-code opt-in option, utilize the two-way messaging feature, and import your contacts.

Following that trial, you have a few different plan options.

With all of these options, you will get a dedicated phone number for your business, a QR code op-in, two-way messaging, and the ability to import contacts. All of them offer a rollover feature for messages, meaning if you don’t use all of your allotted messages one month, you can use them the following month.

  • Basic – $19/month. 500 messages per month, 1 opt-in keyword.
  • Starter – $26/month. 1,000 messages per month, 2 opt-in keywords.
  • Standard – $48/month. 2,000 messages per month, 3 opt-in keywords.
  • Professional – $110/month. 5,000 messages per month, 4 opt-in keywords.
  • Plus – $199/month. 10,000 messages per month, 5 opt-in keywords.
  • Premium – $349/month. 20,000 messages per month, 6 opt-in keywords, priority support.
  • Elite – $749/month. 50,000 messages per month, 7 opt-in keywords, priority support.
  • Enterprise – $1,299/month. 100,000 messages per month, 8 opt-in keywords, priority support.

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Mobile Text Alerts Alternatives

Compare Mobile Text Alerts with other providers. Check out our detailed guide and get our recommendation on the best SMS marketing software.

Do you like some of Mobile Text Alerts' features but just aren’t sure about committing to the platform itself?

In that case, you can explore a few other text message marketing options. There are other companies that offer similar bulk SMS services. A few great Mobile Text Alters alternatives include:

SMS marketing is a useful but versatile practice. Choosing the right platform comes down to your specific business needs. Whether it’s your budget, team members, customer support, or programming experience, it’s important to pick a platform that suits your demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do text alerts work?

Text alerts can include order status updates, promotions, sales, or information for customers or employees. They can be automated or sent directly.

How much does a text alert system cost?

On Mobile Text Alerts, messaging services cost $19-$1,299 per month.

Does Mobile Text Alerts support mobile devices?

Mobile Text Alerts supports iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Who are the typical users of Mobile Text Alerts?

Mobile Text Alerts is used by all different types of businesses including freelancers, small businesses, mid-sized businesses, large enterprises, non-profits, and even public administrations.

Can I send text alerts from my phone?

You can easily send text alerts using the mobile app.