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Upwork Alternatives

Upwork Alternatives for Freelancers and Businesses

Although Upwork is one of the biggest freelance platforms on the web, there are alternatives which you might like to learn more about.

There are various competitors springing up as well as older, established freelancer websites, each of which offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Upwork is known for its user-friendly interface, efficient customer support team and payment protection for both buyers and sellers.

The ever-increasing popularity of this site means more companies use it and there is a bigger freelancer pool to choose from. Let’s take a look at some Upwork alternatives and see how they compare.

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Upwork Alternatives

Upwork Alternatives - Fiverr

Fiverr is a great option for anyone looking for freelance work on a budget. The name came from their initial offer, which was all services priced at just $5. While they don't have that same pricing model any longer, it's still possible to find low prices while retaining quality work. Fiverr lets freelancers create their service offerings, tiered packages, and rates for clients to browse and choose from.

If you want something turned around quickly without breaking the bank, Fiverr is an option worth checking out. It's also a great option for freelancers looking to make a little extra cash on the side. If you have a unique service offering and are creative at marketing, you can really stand out from the crowd and make a solid living off of the site.

Fiverr For Businesses:  


You can find all kinds of products and services on this platform for as little as $5, hence the name. Content writing, graphic design, web design, and digital marketing are the most popular services on Fiverr.

This platform is both affordable and easy to use. The main difference between Upwork and Fiverr is there are many more low-budget services on Fiverr. Zoom video calls are enabled for some project categories.

There are plenty of categories and subcategories for business to browse and choose from.

There is also a wide range of choice when it comes to providers and prices, along with an extra-fast (24-hour) turnaround option which not every freelancer site offers.


As for the disadvantages, the quality of sellers varies enormously. Although the ratings system is helpful, this is still a valid concern.

In addition, there have been some instances of fraud, with the seller delivering a poor quality product. This type of problem doesn’t happen much on Upwork.

Fiverr For Freelancers:


Fiverr allows freelancers to earn money without a great deal of commitment and it’s available all over the world.

Unlike some other Upwork alternatives, freelancers don’t have to pitch or bid for projects. Instead, the buyer comes to the freelancer if interested in a purchase.


There is a lot of competition on Fiverr and some sellers never manage to win a buyer.

The 20% fee Fiverr takes as commission can put freelancers off especially when a lot of gigs are already small. Also there is a 2-week wait between delivering work and getting paid.


Upwork Alternatives -

Freelancer, which was initially called GetAFreelancer, is one of the biggest marketplace-type platforms on the planet. They have 32 million users and 1,800 categories.

Freelancer has been around for over a decade. Freelancers can choose from a huge array of projects and businesses can find pretty much anything here for an affordable cost.

For Businesses:


Prices tend to be lower than you’d find on Upwork and there are various payment system options.

Buyers can communicate with sellers via text, video calls or voice calls. There are plenty of low-skilled freelancers though, so it can take a while to look through all the profiles and make a good choice.


Hiring can be more costly than on some Upwork competitors, along with extra upgrades like marking an offer urgent, featured, private etc.

For Freelancers:


Absolutely anyone can join and immediately start to sell their services in whichever niche they choose.

When introducing an employer to this platform, Freelancers will receive 100% of their fees without having to pay any commission.

Freelancers on this platform are able to withdraw their money in various ways such as PayPal and ACH. Customer service is pretty good too.


As for the negatives, the fees are the same regardless how much money the freelancer has earned with the same client. If they want to apply for over 8 jobs in one month, they have to pay a subscription fee, which can put beginners off.

People Per Hour

Upwork Alternatives - People Per Hour

This British platform is like a combination of Fiverr and Upwork. They are mainly geared towards the European market.

Employers post jobs for which freelancers apply. In addition, freelancers can offer their own gigs known on the platform as ‘hourlies’.

For Businesses:


The person or company hiring is able to choose from an impressive freelancer talent pool and the user interface is easy to use.

Businesses can post a job for free. In addition they can access seller feedback, profiles and more, allowing them to make the best informed choice.


Buyers can be overwhelmed at getting so many applications on a posted project though (sometimes in the hundreds!) and customer service isn’t available 24/7 either if a problem crops up.

For Freelancers:


There are plenty of jobs offered every day on this platform. Once the client makes the deposit, the freelancer receives it as payment upon project completion.

PeoplePerHour has iOS and Android apps available, making it handy to use on the go. Choose from various payment systems like PayPal, bank deposits, Skrill, and Payoneer.


It can be hard for beginners to win projects since there is a lot of freelancer competition.

In addition to that, bear in mind that fees can be up to 20% of earnings plus possible extra charges in the case of a dispute. Customer service is usually on the employer’s side in case of a dispute.


Upwork Alternatives - Guru

Guru is solid Upwork alternative is a huge platform and has literally millions of buyers and sellers. Employers can seek freelancers by choosing which skills they want, then offering them a project.

For Businesses:


The hiring process is quick and easy in nearly every category. Guru accepts all kinds of payment options including in-website cash, wire transfers and e-checks.

Long-term freelancer collaborations are encouraged on this Upwork alternative.


Keep in mind freelancers’ reviews might not be correct and there is a small chance of being scammed by one who is less than honest.

The customer service isn’t as good as on other platforms either.

For Freelancers:


Guru offers a reliable time tracker to ensure accurate hours. You can see who else applies for a job you apply for as well as who ends up getting it. This allows you to fine-tune future offers.

The Safe Pay system ensures payment once the project has been finished.


Some freelancers say they’ve had problems when withdrawing payments.

Also, the scoring system can be less than accurate which means honest freelancers might find it tricky to maintain a good reputation.

Upwork Alternatives for Graphic Design

Upwork Alternatives for Graphic Design

There are a number of freelance websites for graphic designers where businesses and freelancers can collaborate. Below are some of our favorite Upwork alternatives for Graphic Design:

  • – is a graphic design company that connects businesses with low-cost graphic design at a fixed monthly rate. While Kimp isn't a platform for freelancers to get more gigs, it's a solid Upwork alternative for businesses looking to increase their graphic design output. Read our full Kimp review.
  • 99Designs – has plenty of skilled designers for small or mid-sized businesses. Their platform is a little different than Upwork and provides businesses with a contest platform, where they can source multiple designs for a specific project. Read our full 99designs review.
  • DesignCrowd – is a nice site for website and graphic designers and has a wide range of available freelancers. It's similar to 99designs and provides crowdsourcing options.

Upwork Alternatives for Content Writing

Upwork Alternatives for Content Writing

 Content writing services and freelance websites are coveted by businesses looking for the top writing talent. Below are some of our favorite Upwork alternatives for content and blog writing.

  • Panda Copy – provides unlimited blog and copywriting services to businesses looking to keep their writing costs under control. Read our full Panda Copy review
  • SEOButler – is a content creation site that allows clients to submit requests for written content, guest posts on other websites, social signals, and citations. Read our full SEOButler review.
  • WriterAccess – is a platform where you can commission your writing project and gain access to experienced freelance writers. They heavily vet their writers to make sure they can live up to high writing standards. Read our full WriterAccess review.

Upwork Alternatives for Developers

Upwork Alternatives for Developers

Hiring a developer on Upwork and other general freelancing platforms can be a good way to get started, but sometimes you need more experienced, technical talent. Here are our favorite Upwork alternatives for developers and programmers.

  • Upstack – aims to elevate remote tech teams worldwide through dedicated freelance talent. They look for the best freelance talent by sourcing their developers from all over the world. Read our full Upstack review.
  • Toptal – for those looking for the best developers and programmers that the web has to offer, Toptal is likely the place to find them. The site proclaims to house the “top 3%” of developer talent, hence their name. Read our Toptal review.
  • Flexiple – is a network with some of the top freelance developers. The site prides itself on its comprehensive vetting process for its freelancers that puts their prospects through several rounds of interviews.

Upwork Alternatives for Marketing

Upwork Alternatives for Marketing

Upwork can match you with a variety of marketing freelancers from across the globe. Like some of the other services mentioned on this list, you may need to find a specialized marketing professional with industry experience and a proven track record. Here are our favorite Upwork alternatives for marketers.

  • MarketerHiremakes it easy to hire great marketers. The talent team behind MarketerHire is constantly finding and recruiting the best marketers to freelance on their platform. Read our full MarketerHire review.
  • Acadium – is a platform that features a search tool that connects businesses with the best performers from their program. That means that you’ll be among the first to get in touch with the next batch of leading digital marketers.


Although all the above platforms have the same goal (i.e. matching buyers with freelancers) each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Some freelancer sites might suit a buyer’s requirements better than Upwork does, while others will not be a good fit.

It is a good idea to try out various Upwork alternatives until you find the platform you prefer.

There are a lot of other Upwork alternatives, but the ones we have featured above are the most popular and best-known.

Hopefully you will be able to find the perfect freelancer platform to suit your individual requirements.