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Best UI/UX Services Agencies in New York City

Best UI/UX Services Agencies in New York City

uitop Agency
uitop New York City, New York Ideal for: Small Businesses Company Size: 2-9
Who Are They?
UITop is a leading UI/UX design agency catering to startups and small businesses, specializing in SaaS design and crypto site and wallet design. With a team of highly skilled designers, UITop combines creativity and user-centered design principles to create intuitive and visually stunning interfaces. Their expertise in SaaS design helps clients develop scalable and user-friendly software solutions, while their proficiency in crypto site and wallet design ensures secure and seamless digital asset management experiences. UITop's tailored approach and collaborative process ensure that every project is uniquely crafted to meet the specific needs and objectives of their clients, empowering them to stand out in the competitive market.
Notable Clients:  Cookachu, RFYN, Relounge
Perpetual Agency
Perpetual New York City, New York Ideal for: IT Industry Company Size: 50-249
Who Are They?
With a wealth of expertise, the Perpetual team excels in crafting innovative products for both large corporations and startups. Their members bring extensive experience from prominent telecom companies, where they spearheaded the development of nationwide VoIP calling services. They have also contributed their skills to notable financial service corporations, creating cutting-edge news, video, and instant messaging services. Their involvement with diverse startups has involved developing an array of services, ranging from logistics to education technology.
Notable Clients:  Reuters, Colgate, Car and Driver
eDesign Interactive Agency
eDesign Interactive New York City, New York Ideal for: SMBs Company Size: 10-49
Who Are They?
eDesign Interactive is a dynamic digital agency fueled by a strong passion for storytelling, visual design, and technology. Their expertise lies in collaborating with companies of all sizes across the globe to effectively engage audiences and cultivate brand awareness. With their exceptional team, eDesign Interactive crafts extraordinary web experiences by employing thorough market research, implementing practical strategies, and executing with professionalism. The agency's track record of client results is a testament to their proficiency and dedication, showcasing their ability to deliver tangible outcomes that leave a lasting impact.
Notable Clients:  Associated Press Content Services, Blockchains, Welch's Fruit Snacks

List of the Best UI/UX Services Agencies in New York City

  1. uitop
  2. Perpetual
  3. eDesign Interactive