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Best UI UX Agencies

6 Best UI/UX Agencies

If people can’t use your app… they just won’t.

If you have a brilliant idea for the application, software, or site that the world needs, you need a team to help bring that vision to life.

A UI/UX agency is the best way to do that.

For UI/UX agencies in a specific city, check out:

Best for UX (User Experience)

Toptal Logo


  • Get a comprehensive UX strategy
  • Dedicated UX designers and researchers
  • Build your visual brand identity and high-converting designs

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Best for UI (User Interface)

Manypixels Logo


  • Mobile and website user interface design
  • High-end, yet affordable graphic design
  • Great for agencies and digital marketing teams who need a quick turnaround time

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Comparison of the Best UI/UX Design Agencies

Best UI/UX Agencies

Service Name
ManyPixels Review


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UX Studio

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Frog Design Logo

Frog Design

Editor's NotesBest for UI for all business sizesBest for UX for small businesses.Best webflow development add-onBest for enterprise businessesBest for fast-growing, established tech companiesMost experience and diverse services
Monthly Billing / Tiers- $549/month for Advanced
- $899/month for Business
- $1,199/month for Dedicated Designer
- $699/month for "lite" (graphic design only)
- $1,995/month for Pro
- $2,490/month for Ultimate.
- $4,995/monthNot ListedNot ListedNot Listed
Notable ClientsBeam, Decathlon, GartnerMemory OS, Entirebody, MentumMyte, Stratus, QukoT-Mobile, Google, HBOMozilla Firefox, Salesforce, TileGeneral Electric, Audi, Intel
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1. ManyPixels

Best for UI design services

ManyPixels Homepage Banner

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ManyPixels is one of our favorites for all things graphic design, and their UI design offerings are phenomenal.

They have a variety of different service levels at different price points, offering options for businesses of all sizes.

We like this service best for small business owners and bloggers because of the flexibility and price point. You don’t have to sign a contract, so you’re not obligated to use them forever.

You’ll get a new UI design each day and get unlimited revisions for each project, so you can cash in on as many UI iterations as you want.


  • Offers a variety of service levels at different price points.
  • Flexible and suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  • No contract required, offering flexibility.
  • Provides new UI design daily with unlimited revisions.
  • Ideal for small business owners and bloggers.


  • May not offer as in-depth or specialized services as more focused agencies.
  • Daily design output might compromise on deeper, strategic design aspects.
  • Unlimited revisions could lead to extended project timelines.

2. Awesomic

Best for UX design services

Awesomic Website Banner

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With three levels of unlimited services, Awesomic can cover any graphic design or UI/UX needs your small business may have.

UI/UX-related services include brand identity building, logo design, user testing, and case studies to research how everything goes for your UI/UX design.

Since they do have such all-inclusive packages at reasonable rates, we recommend this service for small businesses and startups. You don’t have to worry about spending two weeks searching for and vetting a designer and you can use their monthly service to handle all aspects of UI/UX design as well as branding and any other graphic design.

They also have a great track record for mobile app design and execution and their turnaround time is always 24 hours.


  • Three levels of unlimited services for comprehensive coverage.
  • Specializes in brand identity building and user testing.
  • Quick 24-hour turnaround time.
  • Great track record for mobile app design and execution.
  • Reasonable rates suitable for small businesses and startups.


  • Unlimited service model might not be necessary for all businesses.
  • Rapid turnaround could affect the depth of research and customization.
  • Focus on small businesses might not align with larger enterprises' needs.

3. Designjoy

Best webflow development add-on

Designjoy Website Banner

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DesignJoy keeps things simple by offering only one subscription option that includes everything you could need for stellar UI/UX design.

Notably, they also offer a webflow development add-on for an additional $999 per month. Webflow is an easy-to-use front-end development web builder that makes the design and development of the webpage more visual than code-based, meaning your designer at DesignJoy will be able to get your UX design completed quicker.

Their service is a bit pricier than others, so it may not be the best option for small start-ups with lower budgets, but the quality is worth it. Some of the other services within their scope include mobile app design, design systems, SaaS design, and even printable materials like packaging and trade show banners.


  • Offers a single subscription option covering all UI/UX needs.
  • Includes a webflow development add-on.
  • Suitable for more complex projects like SaaS design and printable materials.
  • High-quality, comprehensive service.
  • Ideal for businesses needing both design and development.


  • Higher pricing may not be feasible for smaller businesses or startups.
  • Single subscription model might offer more than what some clients need.
  • May not be as flexible in terms of service customization.

4. UX Studio

Best for enterprise businesses

UX Studio Website Banner

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With huge enterprises like HBO, T-Mobile, and Google as clients, UX Studio Team has the experience necessary to handle UI/UX design and development for any large business.

This company takes care of your digital product’s entire journey from research to consulting to wireframing, user testing, and producing the final result.

They also hold beginner and advanced training or customized courses tailored to your business’s needs, so your company understands the basics and can deliver the best experience to customers.

Since they are a global team, they’re able to provide clients with the best UX designers in the world to work full-time as an extension of your team until the project is completed to your satisfaction.


  • Experienced with large enterprise clients like HBO and Google.
  • Covers the entire digital product journey from research to final result.
  • Offers training and customized courses.
  • Global team providing a wide range of expertise.
  • Suitable for complex, large-scale projects.


  • May be too comprehensive and expensive for small businesses.
  • Global approach might lack localized focus for some clients.
  • Extensive services could be more than what some clients require.

5. Ramotion

Best for fast-growing tech companies

Ramotion Website Banner

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Known for providing unique and impactful branding strategies for multiple significant tech companies, Ramotion is well-loved for a reason.

They take a personalized approach with each client, learning about the goals and needs of each business before pairing them with a UI/UX designer that they’re certain will be a good fit.

Clients love that UX designers at Ramotion collaborate with their team and provide them with multiple different versions and iterations for each project, allowing them to choose which one they like best.

Aside from UI/UX, Ramotion provides web design, app development, design agency, and branding services.


  • Known for unique and impactful branding strategies.
  • Personalized approach with each client.
  • Provides multiple versions and iterations for projects.
  • Offers additional services like web design and app development.
  • Ideal for fast-growing tech companies.


  • May not be as suitable for non-tech or smaller businesses.
  • Personalized service could lead to higher costs.
  • Focus on tech companies might not align with all business types.

6. Frog Design

Most experience and diverse

Frog Design Website Banner

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Since it was founded in 1970, Frog has been designing and developing new products and applications to advance the digital space.

With a focus on the future, Frog can provide clients across just about every industry with the design and development of products and experiences.

They can help businesses do everything from launching to pivoting and making innovations, with other services including branding, marketing, content management, membership loyalty, and more.

Frog also offers CX strategy, harnessing the power of behavioral science to create innovative UI/UX solutions that work.


  • Extensive experience since 1970 in design and development.
  • Focus on innovative and future-forward design.
  • Offers a wide range of services including branding and marketing.
  • Global presence with diverse industry experience.
  • Capable of handling large and complex projects.


  • May be too large-scale for small businesses or startups.
  • Wide range of services might dilute specialized focus in UI/UX.
  • Global scale may not provide the localized attention some clients prefer.

Is UI/UX Worth the Money?

If your company is being created from the ground up or you want to make a big change in your site or application, hiring a UI/UX designer or agency is worth the money.

The entire purpose of any product or digital service is to get customers, and the only way to get and keep those customers is if they have a positive experience when interacting with your app.

Pros: Here’s What I Like About UX/UI

There are a lot of things to like about UX/UI (maybe more than I could list here).

Here are the highlights:

  • Minimize costly repairs and patches in the future
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Shorten the time to market
  • Brand loyalty
  • Lower customer service needs and cost since the application is easy to use
  • Increased productivity

Cons: Here’s What I Don’t Like About UX/UI

Nobody (or service) is perfect, and for all of its clear benefits, UX/UI does have some negatives.

  • Cost upfront- there’s no way around it, hiring a UX/UI is going to cost you.
  • Collaboration- you will have to explain your idea and vision to a new person and there may be misunderstandings (but isn’t that how working with anyone goes?)
  • Time- depending on who you work with, UI/UX could take up more time than you’re expecting (usually 3 months or more).

What Is the Best UI/UX Agency?

ManyPixels is our pick for the best UI agency due to its affordable price, different plan options, and superior quality. Awesomic is our pick for the best agency if you need UX related services.

Best for UX (User Experience)

Toptal Logo


  • Get a comprehensive UX strategy
  • Dedicated UX designers and researchers
  • Build your visual brand identity and high-converting designs

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Best for UI (User Interface)

Manypixels Logo


  • Mobile and website user interface design
  • High-end, yet affordable graphic design
  • Great for agencies and digital marketing teams who need a quick turnaround time

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What does UI/UX mean?

UI/UX, short for “user interface” and “user experience,” refers to the research, development, testing, and creation of an application or software.

Does anyone offer free trials for UI/UX work?

There are many software that offer free trials for UI/UX work, but not many agencies offer trials of services for completely free. Awesomic does only charge $7 for a one-week trial.

What is the typical turnaround time for UI/UX work?

The typical turnaround time when adding a UI/UX team is going to be about 3 months.

Who should hire a UI/UX company?

Any tech company creating an application or any interactive software should hire a UI/UX company.

What’s the best UI/UX agency for small businesses?

We recommend ManyPixels for UI and Awesomic for UX for small businesses.