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Rashida Beal

Rashida is a Milwaukee-based writer, editor, and marketer. With years of experience in the freelance scene, she knows what it takes to succeed as a freelancer (and what you need to look for when hiring one)! She loves integrating first-hand experience into her writing, including real-world tests of leading technology and platforms for small businesses. When Rashida's not researching or writing about the latest business tech, she's playing professional soccer, reading a psychological thriller, or walking her sweet dog Murphy.
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Scrum Master vs Agile Coach Which One

Scrum Master vs Agile Coach: Which One?

Organizations worldwide are rapidly adopting Agile for its flexibility, efficiency, and collaborative nature, which we can attest to personally after shifting to this method within DDIY. When hiring for our agile team...

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What Does a UX Developer Do

What Does a UX Developer Do?

In the digital design realm, the UX Developer is a key player, seamlessly merging design with functionality. They're not just coders; they're the craftsmen who transform UX designs into interactive, user-friendly...

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How to Hire Fully Outsourced Finance Team

How to Hire a Fully Outsourced Finance Team

The finance world is shifting, and the smart money is on outsourcing and staff augmentation. Nowadays, savvy businesses are turning to outsourced teams for a leaner, more cost-effective approach. At DDIY, our business...

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What Does UX Strategist Do

What Does a UX Strategist Do?

A UX Strategist is not just important; it's essential. (Trust me, we learned this the hard way so you don’t have to.) Imagine a chess player who meticulously plans several moves ahead, ensuring every piece contributes...

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Nearshore Case Studies a Proven Method

Nearshore Case Studies: A Proven Method

Nearshoring offers a savvy blend of outsourcing close to home, offering a unique blend of cost efficiency and cultural synergy. With nearshoring case studies, you can see this practice in action. Our expert business...

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Tips to Help You Transition to Standing Desk

5 Tips to Help You Transition To Standing Desk

Standing desks are a simple solution to help combat sedentary lifestyles and improve posture. But making the switch is not just about buying a new standing desk. I found this out the hard way, after weeks of struggling...

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