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My Honest Review of RedTrack’s Ad Tracking Solution

In the cut-throat world of online marketing and eCommerce, investing in paid advertisements and keeping track of conversions is no longer voluntary. But trying to keep up with all the analytics while depending on programs to give you the data you need when you need them often becomes a losing battle.

This is exactly where steps in. As a digital advertising data company, they track client advertisements, measurements, ROIs, and more all in one package. Let’s review exactly what their services entail, and how RedTrack holds up to some of their competition.

In this article, we break down RedTrack’s pros and cons to help clients determine whether or not it’s the right choice for their needs.

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My Review of RedTrack

RedTrack Overview

RedTrack is an advertisement tracking and attribution solution used for analyzing ad campaigns and optimizing each component to make sure clients are getting the best ROI for all of the investments.

How Does RedTrack Work?

One of the main draws of RedTrack is its ability to track advertisements through every step of the funnel. From the first impression to up to 10 conversion events, it provides you thorough tracking without any redirects. It detects non-human clicks and avoids them for you, while keeping track of exactly how much you’re earning through manual or automated cost updates.

RedTrack also auto-generates reports on your advertisement campaigns, meaning you get real-time data that can be grouped into custom reports and data visualizations. All of this information is consolidated into one UI, which users can add team members onto for greater collaboration.

They also offer an auto-optimization tool where you can react to how well certain ads are performing right away. If an ad campaign’s activity falls below a certain threshold, it can be auto-paused through RedTrack while notifying the owner right away. This is done through automatic A/B tests that detect high performing combinations.

This all comes with user-friendly, one-click integration with the most popular online platforms such as Google and Facebook that doesn’t use any redirects or third-party cookies.

What Is RedTrack Good For?

RedTrack’s ad-tracking and conversion functionality is most suited for media companies and affiliates. The real-time data that the program provides at a low cost is a huge draw for affiliates looking to optimize ad campaigns that routinely bring in heavy traffic.

The all-in-one tracker tool that RedTrack offers will also be useful for advertising companies that may be struggling to keep up with real-time data, and will undoubtedly help those companies make more informed data-driven decisions for their ad campaigns.

eCommerce sites are also going to enjoy using RedTrack for its ability to automatically generate insights on which marketing programs, banners, or landers are working the best. Businesses can therefore make more tactical decisions about what campaigns and partners are producing the highest ROI.

Examples of businesses using RedTrack include, but are not limited to:

  • B2B SaaS companies
  • eCommerce businesses
  • Publishers
  • Advertising companies
  • Media buyers
  • Ad affiliates

Who Uses RedTrack?

RedTrack is popular among online marketplaces and consumer review websites, but is also used by eCommerce marketing agencies, standard marketing firms, and advertising agencies. Examples of companies using RedTrack include, but are not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Capterra
  • Trustpilot
  • Grand Slam Media Inc.
  • Adavice
  • Mobfolio

How Much Does RedTrack Cost?

RedTrack Pricing

RedTrack currently has four payment plans – Basic, Pro, Team, and Agency.

Each plan has a monthly payment option or an annual payment option, with the latter being the cheaper option across the board.

The Basic plan offers unlimited campaigns, conversions, advanced reporting and targeting, and 3 custom domains for $49 a month, or $41 a month if billed annually.

The Pro plan offers all of the Basic features, but includes unlimited domains, impression tracking, and automated functions. It costs $99 a month, or $83 a month if billed annually.

Meanwhile, the Team plan, which runs at $199 a month and $166 a month through an annual payment, adds a white-label publisher panel and grants access to additional team members on top of all of the Pro plan’s features.

For $399 a month or $333 a month through annual payments, clients can purchase the Agency plan. This robust option includes a white-label reporting panel on top of all the features listed in the previous payment plans.

RedTrack also offers a free 14-day contractless trial for any users new to ad tracking. They also allow clients to discuss custom-tailored solutions based on specific business needs.

RedTrack Review Review

As an ad tracker, RedTrack certainly isn’t the first of its kind. With that being said, it’s definitely one of the most complete and versatile trackers available, and the fact that it’s affordable and cookie-free makes it an attractive option for a variety of different clients.

For many, the ability to see tangible results for their ad campaigns is going to be a huge plus. Getting accurate data for clicks, conversions, and impressions in real-time is going to save clients hours of tedious work for accurate information.

Having full transparency into when conversions happen for every customer helps users optimize their ad campaigns even further by creating different conversion points and funnel stages. These features are going to be extremely beneficial for clients who know how to leverage these types of information.

But RedTrack is a viable option for relative beginners as well. With automated functions, such as the auto-pause function for when certain ads are underperforming, non-experts can still use RedTrack to their advantage.

They also have a fraud-detection program called Fraud Report, which tracks potentially fraudulent or bot clicks so users know whether or not they’re likely to lose money by investing in dishonest traffic. Although Fraud Report costs extra, it’s a worthy investment especially for operations with thinner profit margins that want to make sure they’re getting the most out of their ad campaigns.

It’s honestly difficult to name all the useful features available through RedTrack, but it’s safe to say that it offers plenty of customization when it comes to ad tracking and conversions.

RedTrack’s pricing options are also quite affordable, especially if firms use the Pro or Teams plans. Those two options offer a lot of Redtack’s most valuable features such as impression tracking and automation. It is worth mentioning that if you do have a larger operation, the Teams or Agency option might be necessary since adding additional team members can only be unlocked through those two plans.

Although we mentioned RedTrack’s automation that takes the burden off of its users, inexperienced or novice clients might still get lost trying to utilize the majority of its optimization and reporting functions. Luckily, RedTrack offers instructional videos and a 14-day free trial to help newcomers ease themselves into the program. RedTrack offers great customer support and their team will help you walk you through tracking setup for the first time to get you started.

Track, manage, and optimize all of your ad campaigns with RedTrack. Get 20% OFF with the promo code REDTRACK-DDIY.


RedTrack Pros

Pros: Here’s what I like about RedTrack

  • Its real-time analysis of ad campaigns and conversion is some of the best on the market and will be extremely helpful for many agencies and affiliates.
  • The various reporting tools will take the load off the shoulders of many analysts when trying to figure out the best solution for driving more ad revenue.
  • RedTrack has extremely versatile team-sharing capabilities that allows for dynamic collaboration between larger teams.
  • Its built-in bot-detection and security add-ons are well integrated and worth the price.
  • The ability to customize plans based on clients’ needs is a huge plus.
  • Affordable plans provide a good set of features even for the cheaper options.

RedTrack Cons

Cons: What I don't like about RedTrack

  • There’s probably going to be a huge learning curve for those inexperienced with ad tracking software.
  • Team sharing is locked unless you purchase the two most expensive plans.
  • Even those who have used ad tracking programs before might not immediately be aware of all of RedTrack’s features.

RedTrack Alternatives

If you’re unsure about whether or not RedTrack is the right fit for you, there are other ad-tracking alternatives and competitors that you can turn to. Let’s take a look at a few alternatives to see whether they hold up to RedTrack.


One of the first RedTrack competitors that’ll come up on most search engine results is Voluum, who offer very similar ad tracking and management tools. They let you track paid and organic traffic without any redirect, while also offering impression tracking as well as real-time data reports.

Its feature list is about as thorough as RedTrack’s, but Voluum is more expensive than its competitor overall. Its cheapest option is $69 a month with prices going up to as much as $999 a month. It doesn’t give you access to unlimited domains unless you purchase the most expensive plan.

Given the overall pricing, we’d recommend using RedTrack for its affordability and more versatile feature listing.


You can also invest in more versatile programs like Impact, which is a company aimed at accelerating company growth through data collection, tracking, and other forms of data optimization.

Impact offers many of the tracking features as RedTrack, including affiliate tracking, data collection, and multi-user access without the use of cookies. It also branches out into influencer marketing and other forms of ad campaigns. Unfortunately, it prices its services on a client-by-client basis, most likely due to its wider range of features.

With that being said, there aren’t many features on Impact that you wouldn’t find on RedTrack when it comes to ad tracking, but it remains another viable and proven source for affiliates and marketing agencies alike.

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