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WordPress Maintenance Services

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Services

WordPress, an open-source content management systems (CMS) that many websites use due to its ease-of-use and, well, the fact that it’s free, needs regular monitoring and maintenance to keep your site up-to-date. If you’re relatively new to WordPress development, you may find that you need some routine technical support.

To make sure that everything on your WordPress site is running smoothly, and to have someone there to help if things get overwhelming, use one of these great monthly maintenance services.

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Best Monthly WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

1. WP Runner

WordPress Maintenance Services - WP Runner

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If you’re a small business or small agency owner, WP Runner is the most cost-effective option for monthly support and maintenance on the market.

With a focus on providing basic upkeep to companies and individuals on a budget, they are able to handle all of the small tasks your site needs to keep running smoothly.

Their unlimited plan is just $99 per month and includes weekly backups for all of your site, 24/7 uptime monitoring, and monthly security and performance audits. You have the option to send unlimited 30-minute tasks to their team of experts, 1 task at a time.

Their basic plan starts at just $59 per month but does not include an unlimited amount of small tasks.

2. WP Tangerine

WordPress Maintenance Services - WP Tangerine

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WP Tangerine offers everything from research to QA to emergency care, with a focus on everything WordPress and WooCommerce related.

They boast a team of dedicated experts including a QA specialist, a client manager, a designer, and a developer that can tackle any tasks you need to be done on time.

The maintenance they offer includes an unlimited amount of tasks related to WordPress and WooCommerce, which you can submit 24/7 and have completed within one business day. WP Tangerine also does uptime monitoring, security check-ups, leaves detailed notes on every task done and keeps all of your software updated and working flawlessly.

3. WP Buffs

WordPress Maintenance Services - WP Buffs

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With options for both serious website owners and agencies, WP Buffs is a great choice no matter what kind of site you’re running.

They offer 24/7 service, monitoring the security and performance of your site constantly. This non-stop monitoring extends to support the client base and freelancers of the agencies that they serve, saving them the time and money it takes to hire and manage a full team.

Their white-label services start at just $63 a month for weekly updates, 24/7 support and uptime monitoring, and Google Analytics integration. A similar plan for website management begins at $79 per month, with options for advanced custom support for larger businesses and websites with more extensive needs.

4. WP Maintainer

WordPress Maintenance Services - WP Maintainer

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With a straightforward pricing plan, WP Maintainer offers one monthly price for all of the basic support and maintenance you may need for your site. From there, if you need more custom services, you can add on a WP Maintainer team for an additional cost.

As far as support goes, this service uses a ticket support process. They also offer security monitoring as well as malware cleanup if your site faces any complications.

The price for WP Maintainer’s monthly plan is just $99 per month with the option to purchase custom development services for an additional $99 per month. This makes it a simple, cost-efficient option for website owners who just need support and maintenance done.

5. GoWP

WordPress Maintenance Services - GoWP

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GoWP offers WordPress maintenance services for both freelancers and agencies. It is marketed as a white-label service, so if you aren’t an agency and are instead an individual using WordPress, it may not be the best option for you.

A quick breakdown of what exactly “white-label” means: you get a custom email with your site’s name to email for support while using your branding, and you can share a maintenance board with your clients so that they can check in on every task that GoWP’s agents have completed.

This service offers 2 basic monthly plans with different levels of support and maintenance. For basic maintenance, it will cost your site $29 a month. For 24/7 content edits in addition to regular maintenance and off-site back-up, your plan will cost $79 per month.

6. FixRunner

WordPress Maintenance Services - FixRunner

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As far as speedy customer service, you can’t go wrong with FixRunner. They offer reliable support 24/7, so you can rest assured that you’ll get help with WordPress whenever you need it.

They offer a variety of services, covering you for everything from a one-time fix to web time speed optimization. They’ll even give you bi-weekly reports so that you can check up on how your WordPress content is doing. FixRunner even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their services.

For pricing, FixRunner offers a few different plans. The Premium plan is $59 a month and includes 90 minutes of support time as well as detailed notes, uptime monitoring, security scans, WordPress core updates, and cloud backups. The Rocket plan is $89 a month and offers all that the Premium plan does plus support for online shops and on-page SEO optimization. The Advanced plan includes everything that the Rocket plan does in addition to phone support and your very own dedicated account manager.

7. Maintainn

WordPress Maintenance Services - Maintainn

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With a dedicated developer, Maintainn provides custom WordPress maintenance services for websites of all sizes.

Where they really shine is when a website needs to change its hosting. They make the transition seamless and provide support through every step.

Other than that, they cover WordPress updates, security, and offsite backups for all of your site’s WordPress content.

Their plans start with their premium plan which is priced at $54 per month. This basic plan includes 24/7 monitoring with weekly updates, offsite backup daily, live chat, and technical support. The professional plan costs $164 per month and comes with multisite support as well as performance checks, assistance with E-commerce, and your own dedicated project manager. The enterprise plan is $274 a month and offers everything from version control and staging updates to a project workspace and client review cycle.

What is included in WordPress maintenance?

Though the specific tasks included in a monthly WordPress maintenance service vary depending on your specific plan and the provider, most WordPress maintenance services will include a few of the same basic things.

Things like website backup, update installation, security and malware checking, and database optimization are all services typically included in every plan. Optional additional services could include development retainers, uptime monitoring, SEO optimization, and support specific to online websites that engage in e-commerce. Some will even help you monitor the success of your business strategy.

Do WordPress sites need maintenance?

The short answer is yes. Just like any software, WordPress needs someone to keep track of updates and make sure everything is working correctly and remaining stable. Regular maintenance is the only way to make sure your content is safe from hackers and malware, keeping everything on your WordPress site secure.

It’s often difficult for just one website owner to keep track of everything effectively, especially if your site grows in popularity. That’s why many site owners outsource WordPress maintenance to either a service company or a freelance WordPress developer to keep tabs on it.

Who can help me with WordPress?

Many people just don’t know a whole lot about how WordPress works, much less how to make sure it’s running efficiently and securely. And the forums and FAQ section on the WordPress forums can only get you so far when you feel completely lost.

One of the best ways that you can find someone to help you with WordPress is to go through a maintenance service like the ones I listed here. If an all-inclusive monthly support service is more than you need for your site (or is out of your price range), you can always find a freelance web developer using a site like Upwork or Fiverr for one-off services or to get a quick project done.


If you’re using WordPress to host your website, you need to be sure that you’re updating the software regularly and checking for possible security weak spots to protect your content. Since it’s difficult for one person to keep track of so many moving parts, it’s a good idea to look into using a service to keep up with your WordPress support and regular maintenance.

Try one of these monthly services that can provide all of the maintenance you need for your WordPress site all at one base price.