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4 Best Unlimited WordPress Services [Updated for 2024]

Best Unlimited WordPress Services

We run our own agency and have many clients that need WordPress development help.  Sometimes we do this in house, but we often take advantage of lower cost WordPress providers and outsource the work.

Best for Maintenance


WP Tangerine

  • Best for unlimited WordPress tasks and updates
  • Includes graphic design, SEO, and WooCommerce
  • Great for agencies

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Best for New Builds

CalTech Web

  • Best option for new site builds and redesigns
  • Includes monthly hosting, updates, and maintenance
  • Great for small businesses

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To skip the hassle of hiring and screening, we’ve started using unlimited WordPress services.  We found you can get quality developers at an affordable price.  And you can get fractional resources when you don’t need someone full time.

But there are so many providers and it’s hard to know who to choose.  So today we share our assessment of the the best unlimited WordPress providers.

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Top Unlimited WordPress Company

Top Unlimited WordPress Companies

Here are the top development companies offering unlimited WordPress development in 2021.

Comparison of the Best Unlimited WordPress Companies

Unlimited WordPress Ratings

Service Name
Current Discounts10% Off First Month With Code WPT10Low Monthly PricesLow Monthly Prices20% Off First Month With Code DDIY20
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Our Full ReviewWP Tangerine ReviewComing SoonWPRunner ReviewUnlimitedWP Review
Editor's NotesThey have an entry level price point good for bloggers and they include graphic design so it's a great all in one package. They are also WooCommerce experts.Most affordable option for new site builds and redesigns. Low upfront cost and then $99/mo for hosting, unlimited ongoing changes, security, and maintenance.Incredible bang for your buck. Great if you have a lot of smaller maintenance tasks and if you're looking to grow an existing WordPress website.Self-billed as the only service dedicated to agencies, they are prepared to work across large numbers of your customers' websites. You must use their custom task management system which you can whitelabel and provide access to your clients.
Target userAgencies, small busineses, and bloggersSmall businesses Agencies, small businesses, and bloggersAgencies
New site developmentPSD to HTML and smaller design improvementsIn top 2 billing plans only
WordPress maintenance
Security hardening & malware removal
Graphic design
Working hoursAligned with U.S.Aligned with U.S.Overnight for U.S.Overnight for U.S.
Service levels1hr per day / 2 hrs per day / 4 hrs per day30 updates per monthUnlimited 30 Minute Website Tasks / Unlimited 1 Hour Website Tasks2hrs per day / 4 hrs per day / 8 hrs per day

What Does Unlimited WordPress Mean?

What does Unlimited WordPress Development Mean?

Unlimited WordPress development means you can get as many development tasks as you want for a fixed monthly fee.  The only limitation is that developers will either work one task at a time and usually a set number of hours per day. Most development teams are overseas and managed from the U.S.

There are a few different types of unlimited WordPress services and it’s important to understand the differences before you choose a provider.

WordPress Maintenance & Support

Unlimited WordPress companies will typically handle these common web maintenance tasks:

  • Regular updates of WordPress Core, plugins, themes
  • Setting up website backups and restores
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Security hardening and malware removal

WordPress Development

WordPress development refers to making changes to the style and functionality of a WordPress website.  Be sure to look closely as some providers charge extra or do not offer development of new websites from scratch.   Common development tasks are:

  • Customizing themes and page designs
  • New website development as well as PSD to HTML
  • Connecting 3rd party applications like MailChimp, Keap, and other email service providers
  • Adding chatbots
  • Hosting migrations
  • WordPress speed optimization
  • WooCommerce development and other online store configuration
  • Membership site setup

Graphic Design & Video Editing

Unlimited graphic design providers use a similar model and charge a fixed monthly fee for as many design concepts as you want.  Some providers like WP Tangerine and Flocksy double up and offer both unlimited development and unlimited graphic design.  Flocksy even includes copywriting and video editing within their service.

How to Choose Unlimited WordPress Developer

How to Choose an Unlimited WordPress Company

There are many things to consider when you are evaluating an unlimited WordPress company. Our suggestion is to work through the list below to help your decision-making process.

Your specific projects

  • How often do you need WordPress assistance? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Try to estimate the number of hours.
  • Are you projects time sensitive and need to be completed within a few days? Or can you spread them out evenly across the month?
  • What types of development activities would you like to outsource?
  • Do you primarily need someone to take over maintenance or do you have regular customizations or new websites to build?
  • Do you have graphic design needs as well?
  • Have you used multiple independent developers in the past?


  • Do you like to have constant communication with your developer?
  • Are you comfortable with your developer working remotely?
  • Do you need your development work performed during working hours in the U.S.?


  • What do you typically spend on development work every month? Do you have a monthly budget for development work?
  • What is the cost of time of managing your current/past developers?
  • Do you have the budget to bring on a full-time employee or would a fixed cost be more beneficial? You should also consider the cost of time of bringing on a contractor or employee

Unlimited WordPress Cost

Is Unlimited WordPress Worth the Money?

Unlimited WordPress is worth the money if you have ongoing WordPress customizations and support tasks and don’t want the expense of hiring a full-time employee.

Unlimited WordPress development cost ranges between $300 and can go as high $3,000. The average plan for about 2 hours per day is $800-$1000/month.  That’s a fraction of the cost of a U.S. based developer.

If you have a WordPress website, there’s a high probability that the following are also true:

  1. You need to apply your own time or money towards basic maintenance tasks
  2. You hire contractors for technical tasks that you can’t do yourself

When you use an unlimited WordPress service, you can take 2 big sighs of relief because:

  1. The services allow you to submit as many development requests as you want per month
  2. They keep budgeting simple by having one flat fee (charged monthly/yearly)

Even if you have just one development task that needs to be done (but done right), these services allow you to cancel any time.

There are many benefits to this type of service, so let’s weigh the pros and the cons:


Pros: Here’s what I like about Unlimited WordPress

  • Less Stress — Using unlimited WordPress removes the hassle of searching for and onboarding a contractor or employee. You get a top notch developer built-in to your monthly subscription and the rest of your projects can get more attention.
  • Cost Savings — With this monthly subscription, you save on the inevitable overhead costs of pay-per-activity services of independent contractors. You also get the additional relief of knowing you won’t ever get overcharged and there are no hidden fees.
  • Operational Efficiency — Unlimited WordPress services give you and your team members higher levels of flexibility. Having a team of dedicated design professionals at your disposal allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business and the business development that only you can do.


Cons: Here are the only things I don’t like about Unlimited WordPress

  • Urgent projects: Most providers allocate a few hours each day for your websites.  This can be problematic if you have a short term project that requires many hours at once above your subscription.  That said, some providers will let you purchase additional hours or offer flex plans that let you use a block of hours anytime during the month.
  • Communication issues: The top unlimited WordPress providers often have limited phone communications. If you like to speak over the phone and lay things out verbally, this could be a potential issue.
  • Plan restrictions: Some providers have a lot of fine print and only support certain types of maintenance tasks or development activities.  Several do not offer new website development at all so read what features are included before you sign up.

What is the Best Unlimited WordPress Service?

Winner of Best Unlimited WordPress Development Service

If you are looking for a service that offers WordPress development and graphic design, our top pick for an all-in-one provider is WP Tangerine.

Not only do they offer WordPress coding, but also WooCommerce development and support.

But what we really love about WP Tangerine is you get your own dedicated support team.  They are the only provider to include a dedicated developer, designer, client manager, and importantly a QA specialist.  The QA (Quality Assurance) tester provides testing of all deliverables to ensure minimal defects.  No other provider includes testing resources.

Logo wptangerine

WP Tangerine has the most affordable entry-level plan of any provider and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Use promo code WPT10 to get 10% OFF your first month.

Try WP Tangerine

Frequently Asked Questions

What does unlimited WordPress mean?

Unlimited WordPress development means you can get as many development tasks as you want for a fixed monthly fee.  The only limitation is that developers will either work one task at a time and usually a set number of hours per day.

Does anyone offer a free trial of unlimited WordPress?

No, but almost all providers offer a 14 or 30 day money-back guarantee.

What do unlimited WordPress services cost?

Unlimited WordPress development cost ranges between $300 and can go as high $3,000. The average plan for about 2 hours per day is $800-$1000/month.  That’s a fraction of the cost of a U.S. based developer.

Can I get a refund for unused months?

No services will refund you for unused months.

Is there a contract for unlimited WordPress?

None of the top providers require a contract and you can cancel anytime.

What is the typical turnaround time?

Most development teams turn around average requests in 24 to 48 hours.  However, if your request is more complex with several components it will likely take more time.