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A Guide to Hiring Editor for AI Generated Content

A Guide to Hiring an Editor for AI-Generated Content

As businesses continue to embrace AI writing tools, it is becoming increasingly important for them to consider hiring an editor for AI-generated content.

Hiring a skilled and experienced editor can help improve the accuracy, readability, grammar, and overall quality of the AI-generated content. Additionally, they can add personal insights that may be missing from machine-written texts as well as pass detection by other AIs.

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Putting AI in Its Place

Putting AI in Its Place - AI Doesnt Replace Human Writers

Too often writers, editors, and business owners think of AI writing tools as replacing a writer. That’s just not the case.

AI writing tools have several limitations that just can’t be overcome without a human writer or editor there to correct them. AI writing tools are more like virtual writing assistants. You probably already use one: Grammarly [review]. It’s an AI writing tool that everyone uses and doesn’t think twice about. It’s your grammar assistant.

Human writers can generate an article through AI quickly and then edit it, as they usually do their own work, to add missing sections that the AI didn’t bring up or to rewrite an introduction that is falling flat. Most importantly, human writers add a human touch and insights that AI writing tools just can’t replicate.

As you can guess, I’ve been using writer and editor synonymously because when dealing with AI-generated content, writers and editors wear the same hats. In fact, I tend to use the terms interchangeably because of the nature of working with AI writing tools.

AI writing tools are pretty much like that writing intern who can produce a good first draft text. But the human editor is the more experienced writer who can really take that draft to the next level.

Benefits of Hiring an Editor for AI Content

Benefits of Hiring Editor for AI Content

Hiring an editor for AI-generated content can provide several benefits. Editing services help to improve accuracy and fact-checking, enhance readability, fix grammar, and add personal insights that are often missed by automated tools.

Improve Accuracy and Fact-Checking.

One of the major pitfalls in AI-generated content is the need for fact-checking. An experienced editor will be able to spot any inaccuracies or errors in the text generated by AI programs. They can also check facts and sources to ensure accuracy in the content. This is especially important when dealing with sensitive topics or data-driven stories where accuracy is key.

Enhance Readability.

Automated tools may not always produce content that is easy to understand or flows naturally from one sentence to the next or even from one section to another. An editor can review the text and make changes as needed so it reads better and makes more sense overall. This includes rephrasing sentences, adding transitions between paragraphs, etc. All of these will help create a smoother reading experience for readers.

Fix Grammar.

Even though AI programs have become increasingly sophisticated over time, they still cannot match human intelligence when it comes to understanding grammar rules correctly or using them effectively in writing pieces of all kinds. A professional editor will be able to identify any mistakes related to grammar usage (e.g., incorrect verb tenses) or even word choice issues and correct them accordingly so your content looks polished and professional.

Add Personal Insights

AI writing tools can’t tell a reader what it’s like to use a particular product or to experience a particular travel destination. That’s where your editors come in. They can add that personal insight to an article to make human readers keep reading and ultimately trust your brand. A good editor will take a piece of AI-generated text and know exactly which descriptions or aspects of a product review readers want to know more about.

Pass AI Detection

Google has historically been against AI-generated content and has been creating its own AI detectors to flag and demote content that is AI-generated. AI writers tend to write predictable content which these detectors are trained to find while human writers are far less predictable. A good editor, however, is going to help that AI-generated content pass inspection by doing the things we’ve mentioned above: fact-checking, improving readability, fixing grammar, looking at word choice, and adding in their own personal insights.

Key Takeaway: Hiring an editor for AI-generated content provides numerous benefits like improved accuracy, enhanced readability, fixed grammar, and added personal insights. Businesses should consider investing in editing services to ensure their digital products look flawless every time.

What Skills Should an Editor Have?

What Skills Should an Editor Have

When it comes to hiring an editor for AI-generated content, certain skills and qualifications should be taken into consideration. An ideal candidate should know the subject matter, have great attention to detail, and have the ability to work quickly and efficiently.

General Editorial and Writing Skills.

It should go without saying that the editor you’re considering should already possess the necessary skills to edit human-written text and write well. Ensuring things like the article’s structure, grammar, or word choice are skills that will automatically translate over into editing AI-generated text. They will also need to be able to add their own insights and perhaps rewrite areas, which requires the skills of a writer. Most importantly, they need to be able to flow between these roles seamlessly.

Knowledge of AI-Generated Content.

An editor needs to understand how AI works to effectively edit its generated content. This includes having a basic understanding of machine learning algorithms as well as being able to identify any potential errors or inconsistencies in the text. Does this mean they need a computer science degree? Absolutely not. But the more knowledgeable they are about this technology, the better they will be at making sure all edits are accurate and effective.

Attention To Detail.

Editing requires a keen eye for detail so that mistakes can be identified quickly and corrected accurately. Editors need to pay close attention not only to spelling and grammar rules but also to hallucinations, which are instances when the AI’s output is completely inaccurate or nonsensical. These hallucinations can be humorous (like calling a sunrise “sunlights”) or completely inappropriate (like encouraging parents to show dog fights to their children). This is why the ability to spot these AI pitfalls and resolve them is critical for an editor.

Ability To Work Quickly and Efficiently.

With deadlines looming large on projects involving AI-generated content, editors must possess the ability to work quickly without compromising the quality or accuracy of their edits. They should also be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously while still meeting tight deadlines set by clients or employers.

Key Takeaway: When hiring an editor for AI-generated content, look for someone with knowledge of the subject matter, attention to detail, and the ability to work quickly and efficiently.

Where To Find the Right Editor and How Much It Will Cost

Where to Find Right Editor

Finding the right editor for your AI content needs can be a daunting task. It’s important to do your research and make sure you find someone who is experienced in working with AI-generated content, as well as someone who has an eye for detail and can work quickly and efficiently. Here are some places to find the right editor for your AI content needs:

Panda Copy

Panda Copy hires UK/US-based writers and editors to not only generate articles but to also edit the content you already have. Their monthly plans offer between ½ hour and 2 hours of daily editing. If you’re looking to outsource your editing, Panda Copy is a good option.

We’ve used their copywriting services and were extremely happy with the results. You can check out our review for Panda Copy here.


  • Personal: $399 monthly for ½ hour daily (about 1,000 words) of editing.
  • Professional: $749 monthly for 1 hour (about 2,000 words) of editing.
  • Business: $1,449 monthly for 2 hours (about 4,000 words) of editing.

Editor Ninja

Like Panda Copy, Editor Ninja’s editing team is prepared to handle AI-generated content. They are another service that allows you to outsource your editing needs without having to bring on a full-time editor.

They have several pricing plans for both agencies and brands to choose from. So, whether you need one document or several a month, they can cater to your editing needs, especially with a turnaround time of 1-2 days.


  • Single Document: $0.045 per word.
  • Unlimited Editing: $499 for 10-40 documents per month.
  • Part-Time Editor: $1,500 per month for a dedicated editor.


Whether you’re looking to hire an editor for one-off projects or for a dedicated freelancer to add to your team, you can find several good editors on Fiverr. You can find our Fiverr review here.

Their search feature is robust enough that you can drill in on editors with specific experience with AI-generated content. Plus, you can test out a few editors to see which ones you think would fit well with your team.


The cost per editor will vary on Fiverr. You would need to negotiate with the editor you are interested in to determine the cost of a project.

Tips for Hiring an Editor for AI-Generated Content

Tips for Hiring Editor for AI Generated Content

Here are a few ways to make sure the editor you find will work well with your team:

Ask for Samples of Their Work.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential editors or service providers, ask them to provide samples of their work related to editing AI-generated content. This will give you an idea of what kind of results they can produce and whether they have the necessary skillset required for this type of project.

Check References and Reviews.

Finally, check references and reviews from other clients that have worked with each candidate or editorial service before making a final decision about which one is best suited for your project. Both Editor Ninja and Panda Copy provide those right on their websites. Ask questions about turnaround time, accuracy levels, communication style, etc., so that you know exactly what kind of service each one provides before hiring them for the job.

Key Takeaway: When hiring an editor for AI-generated content, research potential candidates online, ask for samples of their work, and check references reviews to ensure they have the necessary skillset and provide quality results.


What qualities should I look for in an editor?

You should look for a solid background in general editing and writing, the issues with AI-generated content, and fact-checking as well as an eye for detail and good turnaround time.

How do I ensure the editor can work with AI-generated content effectively?

Before hiring the editor, you can request samples of their work to make sure they will edit the AI-generated text to your expectations.

Is it necessary to hire an editor for AI-generated content?

Absolutely! AI-generated content is flawed. It often requires fact-checking, article restructuring, help with readability, and personal insights. AI writing tools just can’t provide that.

Can an editor improve the accuracy of AI-generated content?

Yes! Editors can spot AI’s hallucinations and inconsistencies and then fix those issues for you.