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11 Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Centers

Trying to find an SMS marketing solution shouldn't be a workout in itself. So we've done the legwork and found the best SMS marketing software for your gym or fitness center.

We made some picks that are specific to this industry and also included some of the more well-known providers out there.

Best for Small Businesses



  • Easiest platform to use
  • Have two-way conversations with customers
  • Good customer support & resources for beginners

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Best for Medium to Enterprise

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  • Easily scale up or down with pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Convert emails into SMS with their "Email to SMS Gateway"
  • Team-sharing function for easy collaboration 

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Most Integrations

Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile Text Alerts

  • Affordable monthly starting cost of $20 (paid annually)
  • 5,000+ integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and more

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Best SMS Software for Gyms and Fitness Centers

We did the searching, so you don’t have to.

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1. SimpleTexting

Best overall

SimpleTexting Website Banner

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SimpleTexting is our all-time favorite SMS software for gyms and fitness companies alike.

Gyms can send text messages to a list of contacts (customers), add pictures and other details or personal info on the customer to each contact, and even track who clicked on each link during SMS marketing campaigns.

SimpleTexting allows gyms and other fitness businesses to facilitate two-way conversations directly between employees and contacts as well as automated follow-up texts, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This software also offers many features that gyms may find useful, such as the ability to send mass texts and create drip campaigns to get clients excited for their next workout.

Their mobile application allows eCommerce site owners to manage SMS campaigns conveniently from their phones if they don’t have access to a computer.


  • User-friendly platform, ideal for beginners.
  • Enables two-way conversations with customers.
  • Offers good customer support and resources.
  • Allows for mass texts and drip campaigns.
  • Mobile application for convenient management.


  • May lack advanced features for larger gyms.
  • Limited to SMS, lacking broader marketing tools.
  • The simplicity might not meet complex marketing needs.
  • Read my review here.

2. Glofox

Best all-in-one software for boutique studios

Glofox Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Businesses

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Glofox is our pick for all-in-one software to manage all functions of your boutique fitness studio.

On top of specialized SMS marketing functions, Glofox also offers live streaming and on-demand functions at no additional cost.

Creating class schedules is made easier, which, in turn, makes it even easier to keep your clients up-to-date on class offerings. No more empty seats at cycling sessions!

By offering integrations with multiple payment pathways, you can send automated payment reminders and allow members to pay easily from their phones.


  • All-in-one software, great for boutique studios.
  • Includes live streaming and on-demand functions.
  • Easy class schedule creation.
  • Integrates with multiple payment pathways.
  • Automated payment reminders for easy transactions.


  • May be more than needed for smaller gyms.
  • Could be complex for users seeking only SMS services.
  • Potentially higher cost due to all-in-one nature.

3. Exercise

Best all-in-one for performance gym management

Exercise Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Businesses

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Exercise is one of the most comprehensive gym management software available on the market today.

Not only can you create and send custom branded SMS marketing and other content, but you can also offer digital assessments for clients’ health and nutrition. This allows personal trainers to curate and deliver fully customized exercise plans for in-person and at-home workouts.

Exercise also offers employee and member management functions and advanced reporting and analytics to track the success of your SMS marketing campaigns.


  • Comprehensive gym management software.
  • Custom branded SMS marketing content.
  • Offers digital assessments for health and nutrition.
  • Includes employee and member management functions.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics for campaign tracking.


  • Might be too comprehensive for gyms needing only SMS services.
  • Could be overwhelming for small fitness centers.
  • The focus on performance management may not suit all gym types.

4. UltraSMSScript

Best self-hosted

UltraSMSScript Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Businesses

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UltraSMSScript UltraSMSScript is an affordable SMS marketing software that gyms on a budget can use to manage SMS communications to their clients and employees.

Unlike other service providers, UltraSMSScript doesn’t have a recurring commitment – you pay a one-time fee for the software. It’s then downloaded to your system and you can pay for text messages wholesale through a provider.

They also have a hosted option if you don’t want to deal with purchasing messages through another source.

If you own a gym, all you need to do is download the UltraSMSScript software. You can then organize all of your clients and employees into separate groups and buy text messages and enjoy the benefits of SMS communication.


  • Affordable, one-time fee for software.
  • Self-hosted with no recurring commitment.
  • Option for a hosted version.
  • Suitable for budget-conscious gyms.
  • Easy organization of clients and employees into groups.


  • Requires technical know-how for self-hosting.
  • Additional effort needed for purchasing messages.
  • May lack the support and updates of subscription-based services.

5. Text Magic

Best for enterprise gyms

Text Magic Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Businesses

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Text Magic has a multitude of features that make it the perfect choice for gyms and fitness clubs of all sizes looking to streamline their SMS campaigns.

Text Magic offers gyms the ability to automate things like appointment reminders, customer service, and mobile vouchers for any special sales you may have going on.

Text Magic's extensive array of SMS solutions for enterprises includes single sign-on features for easy and secure access as well as advanced analytics and reporting features, making it an ideal choice for enterprises looking to keep track of their SMS campaigns.


  • Ideal for enterprises with extensive SMS solutions.
  • Automates appointment reminders and customer service.
  • Offers advanced analytics and reporting features.
  • Single sign-on features for secure access.
  • Scalable with pay-as-you-go pricing.


  • May be too complex for small gyms.
  • Pay-as-you-go model can become expensive.
  • Enterprise focus might not align with smaller business needs.

6. EZ Texting

Best for small businesses

EZ Texting Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Businesses

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With a price point beginning at $19 per month, EZ Texting is affordable for smaller gyms or fitness businesses with tighter budgets.

Another huge plus for small gyms? EZ Texting is, as its name would suggest, easy to use.

They have plenty of templated messages and web forms that small gyms can use to get new clients signed up for gym and personal training services, taking the guesswork out of creating SMS marketing campaigns.

I tried this one myself and I found it easy to sign up, pick a plan, and begin messaging customers. They have templates for everything from sign-up forms for new customers to the messages themselves. It’s also easy to generate a QR code, add pictures or videos to your text messages, and create shortcodes for users to opt-in or make use of special promotions.


  • Affordable starting price, suitable for small businesses.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offers templated messages and web forms.
  • Easy setup and messaging process.
  • Ideal for gyms with tight budgets.


  • Limited advanced features for larger gyms.
  • Basic functionality might not meet all marketing needs.
  • May not offer as comprehensive analytics as other platforms.
  • Read my review here.

7. ClickSend

ClickSend Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Businesses

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ClickSend is the perfect solution for gyms looking for a quality, easy-to-use SMS option.

With ClickSend, gyms and personal trainers can manage different digital marketing campaigns through a cloud-based application, switching from email, text, fax, and even non-SMS channels like Facebook and WhatsApp on the fly.

ClickSend makes it easy for gyms to send customers motivating texts to come back to the gym, appointment reminders for personal training sessions, and keep them updated on any new equipment you’re bringing into the gym.

You can also alert your customers of any seasonal specials you may have to increase customer retention and satisfaction.


  • Quality, easy-to-use SMS option.
  • Manages multiple digital marketing campaigns.
  • Integrates with various channels including email and social media.
  • Suitable for diverse marketing strategies.
  • Offers seasonal specials and customer retention tools.


  • May be more than needed for SMS-only campaigns.
  • Could be complex for users seeking simple SMS tools.
  • The broad range of features might be overwhelming for small gyms.

8. Textedly

Textedly Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Businesses

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For gyms or personal trainers new to SMS marketing, Textedly offers a free, no credit card required 14-day trial.

Features include appointment confirmations, updates, reminders, and the option to send coupons and special promotional discounts.

If you’re looking to increase membership by offering current members rewards, Textedly also has features for gyms to invite customers to review their services or refer them to friends. You can even create customer loyalty programs to thank your clients and customers for their business and reward healthy habits.


  • Free 14-day trial available.
  • Features include appointment confirmations and updates.
  • Options to send coupons and promotional discounts.
  • Customer loyalty program features.
  • Ideal for gyms new to SMS marketing.


  • Trial period may be short for thorough evaluation.
  • Basic features compared to more advanced platforms.
  • May not offer as detailed analytics as other services.

9. Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile Text Alerts Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Businesses

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Evolving its practices for over a decade, Mobile Text Alerts has perfected SMS marketing.

Automated responses to customer interactions 24/7 and bulk texting to offer promotions and discounts are among the features that gyms will love.

You can easily keep in communication with your clients no matter where you are by using the Mobile Text Alerts dashboard, which is easy to navigate and can be reached via the mobile app available for iOS and Android systems. This is especially helpful for personal trainers

The integrations offered by Mobile Text Alerts are very convenient for gyms and fitness businesses of all types and sizes. Thanks to integrations with Zoom, WordPress, Gmail, and more, everything can be kept in one place.


  • Over a decade of experience in SMS marketing.
  • Automated responses and bulk texting features.
  • Easy-to-navigate dashboard and mobile app.
  • Convenient integrations with other software.
  • Suitable for a range of gym sizes and types.


  • Interface may not be as modern as competitors.
  • Some features might be redundant for smaller gyms.
  • May not offer unique features specific to fitness centers.

10. TextSanity

TextSanity Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Businesses

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TextSanity offers fitness centers and gyms a suite of tools to create successful text messaging campaigns for customers.

This service focuses on the versatility that SMS can offer gyms. Gym employees and trainers have the option to create drip campaigns, blast mass messages, or use keywords to organize customers into specific groups, making it easy to create successful marketing campaigns.

By offering webform sign-ups, TextSanity makes it easier for people to sign up for your text messaging campaigns as well as making it easier for you to organize their information.


  • Offers a suite of tools for successful text campaigns.
  • Focuses on versatility in SMS marketing.
  • Features include drip campaigns and mass messaging.
  • Webform sign-ups for easy campaign management.
  • Suitable for creating targeted marketing campaigns.


  • May have a learning curve for new users.
  • Could be more comprehensive than needed for basic SMS needs.
  • The focus on campaign versatility might not suit all gym types.

11. Text-Em-All

Text-Em-All Best SMS Software for Gyms & Fitness Businesses

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Text-Em-All is another fan favorite for SMS marketing software for gyms.

It's easy to choose from multiple templates to craft effective SMS communications for all of your customers on your message list, or to customize personal messages.

Aside from all of the ways Text-Em-All makes communicating with clients and customers easy, its benefits extend to your staff, as well. Text-Em-All’s services allow for easy communication between you and your employees, keeping your company functioning properly.

Try using Text-Em-All’s accessibility features. Automated phone calls and voice messaging services make communication more accessible to all of your customers.


  • Easy to use with multiple templates.
  • Suitable for both client and staff communication.
  • Accessibility features like automated phone calls.
  • Customizable personal messages.
  • Ideal for a range of communication needs.


  • May not offer advanced marketing analytics.
  • Basic functionality might not meet complex marketing strategies.
  • Focus on accessibility may not be a priority for all gyms.

What Is Text Messaging for Gyms and Fitness Centers?

Texting and Gyms

Text messaging for gyms and fitness is a useful way to keep in contact with customers and employees.

There are many SMS software services out there that have streamlined services for gyms and fitness businesses, making it easier to communicate through text maintenance reminders, special discount codes, and promotional deals.

What Are the Benefits of SMS for Gyms and Fitness Centers?

Benefits of SMS for Gyms

Keep Employees up to Date

SMS is a great way to communicate with your whole team.

Things like scheduling, recruiting, communication with prospective future employees, and general administrative tasks are so much easier with SMS software.

Confirm Appointments

Sometimes, clients get caught up in their busy lives and forget when their appointment with their personal trainer is.

By sending appointment confirmation texts, you can remind them of their appointment time and give them the opportunity to reschedule if they need to.

Send Payment Reminders

They’ve got bills to pay, they’ve got mouths to feed. SMS reminders can make this easier for your customers to pay their monthly fees on time.

Many SMS services allow you to automate monthly payment reminders and even include short links to your gym’s payment platform, allowing them to make their payment right from their text.

Communicate Easily With Customers

Using many of these SMS software options, you can utilize two-way communication.

Let customers and clients get the responses they need quickly by using SMS communication.

Check out more uses cases and templates that you can use for your gym >> 

How Does Texting for Gyms and Fitness Centers Work?

How Does Texting Work for Gyms

Texting for gyms functions similarly to texting in any other industry.

All that a gym has to do is set up an account with an SMS software company and add their list of contacts, integrating their SMS service with other accounts like Mailchimp or Gmail.

Then, the gym or fitness center has the option to set up automated reminders for payment of monthly membership fees and confirmation texts for appointments with personal trainers.

Auto dealerships can also set up two-way messaging and scheduling reminders for sales associates, streamlining administrative tasks for your company.

Use Cases of SMS in Gyms and Fitness Centers

Use Cases of SMS in Gyms

Loggerhead Fitness

After relying on communicating with customers and employees primarily through email, the folks at Loggerhead Fitness in South Florida were looking for a better way to get in touch with customers and employees.

After using SMS services from Simple Texting, they saw a 90% open rate within minutes of sending text messages to their customers.

By segmenting contact lists, Loggerhead can send class-specific messages to customers who are involved in those classes, increasing customer satisfaction, and retention.

Dad Bod Health

After previously using Facebook Messenger to send out mass messages, Dad Bod Health had to pivot its marketing strategy when Facebook changed the rules.

Using Simple Texting, Dad Bod Health has been able to nurture more leads than ever by automating message campaigns.

They also send notifications for live stream events and have noticed that many members respond more often and attendance to these events has also gone up.

How to Choose the Right SMS Software for Gyms and Fitness Centers

How to Choose Right SMS Software for Gyms

If your gym is looking to set up SMS software, the first thing you need to do is consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend monthly, or would you rather use a one-time fee, downloadable self-hosted platform?

Then, consider functionality. How many employees do you need to communicate with? Do you want two-way communication available to customers? Do you need a way to schedule personal training sessions through text? How about payment reminders and even bill-paying solutions that can be done through text?

How comprehensive your SMS software is should also play into your choice. Many SMS companies for fitness and gyms also offer services like analytics and ways to track customer interaction and satisfaction.

After considering everything, do a comparative analysis of the many SMS software options available on the market and decide what is right for your gym or fitness studio.

Other Uses for SMS Marketing


What is the best SMS software for boutique gyms and studios?

Glofox is the best SMS software for boutique gyms and studios.

What is the best SMS software for large gyms?

Text Magic is the best SMS software for large gyms.

How can I use SMS for my gym or fitness center?

You can use SMS for sending promotional materials, confirming personal training sessions, sending monthly fee payment reminders, and general updates to your business to customers. You can also use SMS to communicate between employees.

Is SMS marketing legal for gyms?

Yes, SMS marketing is legal for gyms as long as customers decide to opt in.