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My Review of WebOperators

My Honest Review of WebOperators: Is The Service Worth It?

A service that builds a successful niche site from the ground up. Sounds too good to be true, right?

We tried WebOperators services and can confirm that, while it sounds too good, it’s also true.

Here are our thoughts.

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What Is WebOperators?

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WebOperators is a Done-For-You niche site creation service. This service is a team of bespoke website operators specializing in optimizing clients’ content websites through site audits and fixes, revenue and portfolio optimization, site fixes, content production, and site management.

The founder of the service is Mushfiq Sarker, the man behind the Website Flipping Course [review], Aged Domain Course [review], and Faceless YouTube Video Course [review].

The rest of the core team is comprised of SEO and digital marketing experts Saswata Baksi, Charles Sipe, and Luka Juretic.

WebOperators Review

WebOperators Review

Overall, WebOperators offers clients a unique service that allows them to cash in on the lucrative niche site industry without having to lift a finger. It offers would-be niche site owners the ability to take over an already-optimized niche site without having to do the legwork of acquiring a domain and going through the initial setup steps that are necessary for creating a profitable content site.

The team at WebOperators is made of some of the biggest, most-respected names in the niche site and SEO business. Their expertise is unmatched and they’re able to create a great niche site that’s guaranteed to rank and attract high-quality traffic. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better ROI from building your own site.

WebOperators - Expert Team

What I appreciate about them is how quickly they’re able to get everything done and how communicative they are. Within just 24 hours, they’re in contact with you, offering a free audit and a 15-minute meeting so that you can get a sense of what they have to offer and if they’re a good fit for you.

This communication continues during your relationship with them, as they provide weekly updates and updates whenever large tasks are completed. Have a question? They’ll get back to you in 24 hours at the most.

Another highlight is how scalable their services are. We’re knowledgeable in the niche site space and they were able to offer us valuable insights and site-management services, but they are so detailed in their reporting that I imagine their services are helpful to total beginners as well.

WebOperator Pros

Here are some of my favorite things about WebOperators:

  • Communication is stellar, constant, and clear; we never felt in the dark about what issues they found and why they made the suggestions that they did.
  • Extensive reporting allowed us to see what was going on throughout the process.
  • Expertise– Mushfiq and his team have decades of experience building over 1,000 sites, so we felt confident that they knew what they were talking about when managing our site.
  • Scalable solutions helped us improve our CRO and SEO and they’re also able to help complete beginners build their very first niche site.
  • Customized growth budget- they recognize that each client and site has its own unique challenges and requirements, and they customize each budget to suit these needs.
  • No markups on growth costs (content, backlinks, etc)
  • Transparency– they pass growth costs to clients as-is from vendors with receipts
  • Creating a site with their service requires no work at all on your part

WebOperator Cons

Here are some things I think WebOperators could do better:

  • One-off services are just that; once they create a site for you, it’s up to you to ensure continued success
  • Management plans do not include backlinks and content services (though you can add those on!)

WebOperators Overview

WebOperators Overview

WebOperators offers Done-For-You niche site services as well as content creation and backlink-building services.

With over 50 years of experience and over 1,000 sites built, the team at WebOperators is more than qualified to build a brand new niche site and set owners up for success, rebuild an aged domain, or help prospective niche site owners create a blueprint for their own successful niche site.

Where they excel is their done-for-you, inclusive niche site-building packages. They use their expertise to build sites from the ground up that are destined for success. This includes sourcing domains, identifying and selecting high-ROI niches, site setup and optimization, and giving niche site owners reports on everything from content and revenue opportunities to monetization strategies.

They essentially create a niche site for you and then hand it off to you to make money off of it.

How Does WebOperators Work?

How Does WebOperators Work

WebOperators’ services are one-off packages, priced monthly.

WebOperators uses a customized 6-step framework to create each niche site they build.

These 6 pillars include:

  1. High-Value Niche- They have a proprietary process to value a niche. The team will help clients pick a niche based on each client’s interests that will yield a high ROI.
  2. Revenue Breakdown- WebOperators provide examples of similar niche sites and how much they make to give clients an idea of how much money they could make on a similar site.
  3. A+ Content- You won’t find any low-quality content here. The team at WebOperators only employs college-educated writers to write content for each client’s niche site.
  4. Website Foundation- Great niche sites start at the foundation. WebOperators use top-notch themes, plugins, and processes right from the beginning to set each niche site up for success.
  5. Search Engine Optimized- WebOperators optimize the site with tried-and-true technical SEO tactics that they use on their own sites.
  6. New Content Opportunities- Not only will they construct each niche site with on-page SEO, but they will also provide a spreadsheet full of detailed content opportunities for future content.

Aged Domain Rebuild

Google LOVES older, established domains. Harness the power of rebuilding an aged domain with WebOperators.

Their “Aged Domain Rebuild” package is designed to return an aged domain to its former glory and includes:

  • Aged domain sourcing
  • Aged domain rebuild/redirect
  • ROI-based niche selection
  • 12,000 words of content
  • Content opportunities report
  • Revenue opportunities report
  • Monetization strategy report
  • WordPress website setup & foundation
  • Site speed optimization

You can add more content and backlink-building services for an additional charge.

Niche Site Build

This all-inclusive, done-for-you plan is where the team at WebOperators builds clients a brand new content site on a fresh domain in a niche that the client chooses.

This plan includes:

  • ROI-based niche selection
  • 12,000 words of content
  • Content opportunities report
  • Content opportunities report
  • Revenue opportunities report
  • Monetization strategy report
  • WordPress website setup & foundation
  • Site speed optimization

Just like with the Aged Domain package, you can add more content and backlink-building services for an additional charge.

Niche Site Plans

More of a DIY-er? Want to build your site? WebOperators can still help by providing you with the “blueprint” to put together your site.

This includes:

  • Niche analysis report
  • Content opportunities report
  • Competitor analysis report
  • List of plugins & themes to use
  • Revenue opportunities report

Content Services

Aside from their site-building and optimization packages, WebOperators also offers premium content services.

A few reasons why you should pick them for your written content are:

  • Native English college-educated writers based out of New Zealand
  • Each article is put through an editorial process where we fix issues, check for plagiarism, and more
  • Quick turnaround at 7 business days
  • Well-paid writers ensure the highest quality

Their content writing is available as a standalone service or an add-on to a niche site package.

You can purchase a 1,000-word trial article, delivered within a week at a 50% discount to test them out.

After that, content can be purchased at 10,000-word increments.


High-quality backlinks are crucial to building site authority leading to more traffic. But cheap backlink services usually offer spam-filled, low-quality backlinks that do more harm to your website’s authority than good.

The backlinks offered by WebOperators are spam-free, vetted, and refer to domains that have good traffic and branding.

They offer backlink services priced per link and each backlink has 1,000+ referring domains to a top page on your site.

WebOperators Pricing

WebOperators Pricing

Here are prices for each package as well as add-on services:

Aged Domain Rebuild

The “Aged Domain Rebuild” package includes a hefty list of features and is priced at $4,900.

WebOperators Pricing - Aged Domain Rebuild

Niche Site Build

Their niche site build package costs $3,490.

WebOperators Pricing - Niche Site Build

Niche Site Plans

Their “blueprint” plan to help you build your niche site is only $1,900.

WebOperators Pricing - Niche Site Plans

Content Services

Their content services are available as an add-on or a trial standalone service.

Get a 1,000-word trial article to test them out for only $40.

After that, the add-on service costs $800 for 10,000 words (8 cents/word.)

WebOperators - Content Services

Backlink Service

Their platinum backlink service is priced at $149 for a single link.

WebOperators - Backlink Service

Final Thoughts on WebOperators

WebOperators offers a great site management service for seasoned site owners and site creation services for total beginners, making it a great option for clients at all stages of their content site journey.

We’d recommend their services to anyone who wants to build a niche site or improve their existing one.

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Mention "DDIY" while signing up, and get a 5% discount

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebOperators?

WebOperators is a bespoke niche site building and management team.

What does WebOperators do?

WebOperators builds niche sites from the ground up, manages niche sites, and offers content and backlink-building services.

Who is the perfect client for the site-building service?

Beginners or pros who want a solid foundation for a successful niche site built for them.

Who is Mushfiq Sarker?

Mushfiq Sarker is the owner and founder of the site and has years of education and experience in the world of electrical and computer engineering and is widely regarded as one of the most successful website flippers.

What is a niche website?

A niche website is a site that caters to a specific audience or topic.

What is a content-based website?

A content-based website is any site that offers audio, written, or visual information-based content rather than a specific product or service.

How much does WebOperators cost?

WebOperators’ fresh domain niche site-building services cost $3,490. Their aged domain services cost $4,900 and their niche site planning services cost $1,900.