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Best ChatGPT Alternatives

5 ChatGPT Alternatives

We’ve been in a pretty committed relationship with ChatGPT recently. But we can’t help wondering if there are more out there… solutions that are more accurate, less awkward, and less computer-y, just generally better…

Turns out, there are plenty of ChatGPT alternatives that can give us the world.

Here are our top 5.

(PS, check out these wild ChatGPT statistics!)

1. Bing Chat

Best overall

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Bing’s chat has been working very hard to be as good as, if not better than, its popular ChatGPT counterpart. It’s now the closest thing to ChatGPT you’ll find.

Bing recently announced that their free chatbot uses the more advanced GPT-4 model; a source only available in the paid version of ChatGPT.

It also offers an AI-powered image creator integrated with the chat feature. That is something Open.AI packages as a separate product from ChatGPT.

Bing has one significant advantage over ChatGPT. For example, it can pull from any source on the internet. Chat GPT, as most of us know, pulls its information from a limited dataset from before 2021. So, Bing provides more accurate recent information than ChatGPT.


  • Totally free to use
  • AI-powered image creator available in chat
  • Accessible from more devices
  • Uses the GPT-4 model (the latest GPT model that is only available in the paid version of ChatGPT)
  • Ability to pull from more recent web sources
  • Wider array of languages


  • You have to download the latest version of Microsoft Edge
  • Limit of 150 conversations per day and a limit of 15 chats per session and 2,000 words per response

Features You Don’t Get in ChatGPT

  • You can access Bing through more channels than just the site (including the mobile Edge browser on your smartphone)
  • Bing Chat offers integrations to Skype, Teams, and the Edge browser
  • Ability to pull from more recent web sources vs. ChatGPT’s dataset
  • More languages
  • “Learn more” suggestions with links to helpful resources

Bing Chat vs ChatGPT

It’s a close call when it comes to Bing Chat vs. ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is more widely known, coming out with integrations for Slack and Discord. It’s more conversational in its interactions with the user.

Bing, on the other hand, has a long list of advantages over its popular cousin. It can pull data from the internet. It uses the GPT-4 model for the free version and offers responses in a wider array of languages. It alos offers an AI image creator right within the chat. It has a “learn more” feature that allows users to dive deeper into topics through sites that specialize in the information they’re seeking.

ChatGPT’s advantage over Bing Chat is its more conversational approach to chatting with the user. Another benefit is its ability to be more creative with responses and writing styles. It’s a better poet than Bing. While it has a character limit for responses, ChatGPT does not have a limit on conversations per day like Bing does.

2. YouChat

Best for finding resources to do your own further research

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YouChat is another one of our favorite alternatives to ChatGPT.

This AI chatbot was created by the search engine Like others on this list, it’s powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI model.

It searches the web for information, much like Bing Chat, but it is free to use with no limits and or wait time like there is for ChatGPT.

This chatbot is still in its early stages, so it may not be as accurate as ChatGPT. But it’s capable of all of the essential chatbot functions like translation, coding, general inquiry, etc.


  • Free to use
  • No wait times to use
  • Cites sources/shares links to more information
  • Searches the whole internet in real-time
  • Faster response times than ChatGPT


  • It may give inaccurate results even if it isn’t sure the information is correct
  • Not as detailed in responses as ChatGPT
  • Sometimes cuts itself off and doesn’t answer the whole question
  • Memory isn’t great

Features You Don’t Get in ChatGPT

  • Active internet search (ChatGPT uses datasets so info isn’t always up-to-date)
  • Cited sources/links to more information
  • Totally free to use with no limit (for now)
  • No wait times

YouChat vs ChatGPT

While ChatGPT is more accurate and reliable than YouChat, YouChat has ChatGPT beat regarding wait and response times.

YouChat can do a few things that ChatGPT can’t. Namely it can search current internet data sources since ChatGPT relies on datasets that may not be up-to-date.

ChatGPT only answers questions if it’s sure it knows the right answer. On the other hand, YouChat isn’t quite as discerning and is more likely to respond with false information.

ChatGPT also has a more conversational and detailed feel to it, while YouChat is shorter in response.

Overall, ChatGPT is better in terms of accuracy and memory, while YouChat is faster and totally free… for now.

3. Jasper Chat

Best for businesses

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Our pick for businesses looking to use an AI chat is Jasper Chat.

You can ask it to write blog posts, summarize text, and generate headline ideas for content.

Tjpse who already use the original Jasper AI writing tool (trusted AI writing tool that was one of the first of its kind) can access Jasper Chat for an additional fee.

The interface functions similarly to ChatGPT, so there won’t be a learning curve.


  • Great for long-form marketing content
  • 29 languages and billions of articles
  • High-quality ad copy
  • Continuous conversations
  • Uses GPT 3.5 and other NLUs


  • Costs money
  • Limited to info before 2021 (like ChatGPT)

Features You Don’t Get in ChatGPT

  • Toggle to include Google data
  • Designed for businesses and marketing
  • Add-on to an AI writer

Jasper Chat vs ChatGPT

While Jasper Chat and ChatGPT resemble each other in terms of interface and sourcing, the two are fairly different.

ChatGPT is free while Jasper Chat is only available in the higher-paid tiers of their writing services.

Jasper Chat has a toggle for Google search, something that ChatGPT lacks.

Jasper Chat is also better at creating marketing content and ad copy, while ChatGPT is better suited for general search and conversation.

Both are capable of holding complex conversations and have the memory to recall previous parts of the conversation. They each have quick response times.

Read our detailed comparison of Jasper vs ChatGPT.

4. ChatSonic

Best factual information

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While no AI writer is 100% accurate 100% of the time, ChatSonic from Writesonic comes close.

Like ChatGPT, this tool is powered by GPT-4. Unlike ChatGPT, it’s also integrated with Google. Therefore, it can promote relevant, up-to-date information.

It also has a unique Persona feature that allows users to choose a voice for their chatbot. Users can choose from a general AI voice, a philosopher, a personal trainer, and even a dentist.

ChatSonic can read back responses verbally and generate AI images.


  • Uses GPT-4 and Google
  • App makes it easy to use from all of your devices
  • Promises to be more factually accurate than ChatGPT
  • Less prone to inaccurate information


  • Requires payment after a free trial

Features You Don’t Get in ChatGPT

  • Persona feature allows you to choose a tone for your AI chatbot
  • You can talk to your chat and have it respond verbally
  • Access to current information on Google
  • Ability to share responses using links or Word/PDF documents
  • Built-in image generator

ChatSonic vs ChatGPT

We’ll be honest, it’s possible that ChatSonic has more going for it than ChatGPT.

It has access to the internet which allows for more accurate information. It also has apps and a built-in image generator. The voice feature that allows you to converse with it using your microphone and speakers is extremely handy as well.

ChatSonic also has a persona feature that provides an even more customizable experience for the user.

The only negative to ChatSonic compared to ChatGPT is that it’s not entirely free. After a free trial, you have to purchase a plan to continue using this tool.

5. Amazon Codewhisperer

Best for coding

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If you’re using your AI chat to write code, check out Amazon CodeWhisperer.

The easy-to-use interface and customization options make it an excellent option for coders of all levels of experience; from novices to the most advanced programmers.

Its code capabilities include Javascript, PHP, BASH, C#, and more. Use CodeWhisperer to do everything from enhancing code security to getting custom suggestions.

Plus, CodeWhisperer has a built-in reference tracker. It can identify if a portion of your code closely resembles open-source training data and give you the opportunity for license attribution at your discretion.


  • Advanced coding capabilities in Javascript, PHP, C#, and more
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable for programmers at every level
  • Code responsibility features like a reference tracker and bias avoidance
  • Huge time-saver for coders


  • Supports fewer languages than some competitors
  • Paid tiers can get pricey
  • Focuses on code, not best for conversation

Features You Don’t Get in ChatGPT

  • Works across a larger variety of programming languages
  • Code responsibility features including a reference tracker and bias avoidance
  • Advanced security checks for code
  • Focus on code
  • Professional tier with advanced coding features available for enterprises

Amazon CodeWhisperer vs ChatGPT

Amazon CodeWhisperer and ChatGPT are pretty different from each other. ChatGPT has a wider variety of capabilities while ZodeWhisperer is more advanced in its coding ability specifically.

Both have a free option available for casual users and both have coding capabilities. CodeWhisperer just focuses on coding, so it has more customizable features in that regard than ChatGPT does.

If you’re looking for a dedicated coding chat, go with Amazon CodeWhisperer. If you want a more multi-talented AI chat tool, go with ChatGPT.

Why Should I Consider a ChatGPT Alternative?

Why Consider ChatGPT Alternatives

You should consider a ChatGPT alternative because the market is huge and there are some tools better suited for certain jobs than ChatGPT is.

Although ChatGPT is known as the original AI chat, there are dozens of competitors that have similar (if not better) capabilities.

It’s worth checking out the competition to see if there is an alternative that could do the job better.

Tips for Picking a ChatGPT Alternative

Tips for Picking ChatGPT Alternatives

If you’re picking a ChatGPT alternative, you need to first consider what you’re using ChatGPT for.

If it’s for general research, try something like YouChat. If you need a tool for marketing purposes and want it to create great marketing content, try Jasper Chat. And if your goal is to use ChatGPT for coding, try a coding-specific alternative like Amazon CodeWhisperer.

Then, think about your budget. Basic ChatGPT is free to use, so if your budget is $0, you’ll probably want another free alternative like YouChat. If you’re willing to pay a bit extra for more accurate, high-quality content, consider something like Jasper Chat or ChatSonic.

Lastly, before you ever publish any AI-generated content (like ChatGPT), make sure you find a free ChatGPT detection tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free alternative to ChatGPT?

Bing Chat is the best free alternative to ChatGPT.

What is the best paid alternative to ChatGPT?

ChatSonic is the best paid alternative to ChatGPT.

What is the best ChatGPT alternative for writing?

Jasper Chat is the best ChatGPT alternative for writing.

What is the best ChatGPT alternative for coding?

Amazon CodeWhisperer is the best ChatGPT alternative for coding.

What is Google’s equivalent of ChatGPT?

Bard AI is Google’s equivalent of ChatGPT.