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Cheap WordPress Website Design Services

Cheap WordPress Design

Though WordPress itself is a free open-source software, design, development, and regular maintenance for the popular content management system can get pretty pricey.

For businesses on a budget that need help designing their WordPress site, I’ve compiled this list of the most affordable WordPress development and design services so that you can get a site launched without breaking the bank.

Our Favorite Web Design Freelancer

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Affordable WordPress Website Design Services

1. Fiverr

Cheap WordPress Website Design - Fiverr

Visit Fiverr

If you’re looking to have just a few individual or last-minute tasks done, Fiverr is a great place to start your affordable search.

Fiverr is a site that hosts freelancers from a wide variety of different industries.

With a company account, you can search through the over 800,000 freelancers on the site and check out their profiles where they list relevant information like their specialties, capabilities, resumés, and, most importantly, their rates.

The site also lists trusted and highly-rated freelancers at the top, so you can be sure that the freelancer you choose is not only within budget but also recommended by their previous clients.

Here are our favorite Fiverr Profiles for WordPress Developers:

Fiverr WordPress Expert - fawadahmedsyed

1. fawadahmedsyed

We highly recommend fawadahmedsved as the premier WordPress expert on Fiverr. Boasting over 300 reviews and maintaining a perfect five-star rating, he prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else.

Specializing in WooCommerce & Stores, Gravity Forms, and Elementor, his expertise ensures a personalized and effective website build or edit.

Fiverr WordPress Expert - nauman440

2. nauman440

Another noteworthy WordPress expert is nauman440, boasting a 4.9 rating from over 300 reviewers. Whether it's real estate websites, e-commerce stores, or mobile-friendly designs, he excels in all areas.

Additionally, he provides 100% unlimited revisions for your utmost satisfaction.

Fiverr WordPress Expert - devmaster

3. devmaster

With a Bachelor’s in Computer Systems Engineering and multiple certifications from Google, devmaster is equipped to propel your brand to success.

If you're in need of a professional, user-friendly, and expertly crafted WordPress website delivered promptly, devmaster is certainly a name to keep in mind.

2. WP Tangerine

Cheap WordPress Website Design - WP Tangerine

Visit WP Tangerine

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive monthly plan that offers every design and development need your website could possibly require, WP Tangerine is a solid option.

All of their options include unlimited tasks, an option to submit tasks 24/7, a dedicated team to help you with all things WordPress, backups, restorations, and emergency care for one low monthly price.

They’re very transparent with their pricing, putting detailed descriptions for every level of service right on the homepage of their site. One service that they offer as part of their packages is WooCommerce maintenance, which you can’t find in many of the other affordable plans.

The most affordable plan is the basic one at $197 per month. At this price point, you get everything mentioned above plus uptime monitoring, software updates, and site improvement suggestions for up to 3 sites, with 1 hour of dedicated development per day.

For another $100 per month, you also get assistance with website building or re-designs, 2 hours of dedicated development per day, and more for up to 6 sites. This pro plan is a great value if you're looking for affordable website builds and redesigns.

3. Upwork

Cheap WordPress Website Design - Upwork

Visit Upwork

Another popular freelancing site, Upwork is a site that differs from Fiverr in the way that it is set up.

Instead of clients browsing through freelancers’ profiles, companies can create and post their own jobs and let the freelancers come to them.

In your job listings, make sure that you include the price you’re willing to pay and lay out all of the details of the job to make sure that the right people apply.

Once the proposals come in (and, trust me, they will), sort through and try to decipher which ones are a good fit and which ones may not be worth your time. Since there isn’t an extensive vetting process on this site, it’s important to be discerning when it comes to picking the right freelancer for the job.

Upwork is a sure way to get projects done quickly and within budget. Since you set the price, you’re in control of how much you are willing to spend for certain projects.

Here are our favorite Upwork Profiles for WordPress Developers:

  1. Mylene L.Starts at $12/hour – 95% Job Success Rate

Mylene L. is a professional WordPress designer and developer with 12 years of experience offers expertise in creating all types of WordPress websites. She specializes in Elementor and WooCommerce but can also develop PSD and graphic materials. Mylene places a focus on solid communication and collaboration.

  1. Priyanka M.Starts at $14/hour – 100% Job Sucess Rate

Priyanka, with over 7 years of experience, is a skilled WordPress developer and designer. She excels in creating modern websites that align with business goals, offering expertise in theme and plugin development, security, SEO, UI/UX design, and proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Her commitment to effective communication and a track record of success make her a top choice for WordPress projects.

  1. Suraj K.Starts at $10/hour – 97% Job Success Rate

Suraj has 6+ years of experience in web development, offering custom, responsive WordPress services, including development, SEO, and optimization. Skilled in multiple languages, he ensures comprehensive web solutions with a focus on client satisfaction and timely delivery.

4. WP Runner

Cheap Website Design - WP Runner

Visit WP Runner

If you’re a small business or small agency owner, WP Runner is one of the most affordable options for WordPress Design on the market.

They can help you design or redesign your website by implementing incremental design improvements, making them a great option for people who own existing sites to revamp the aesthetic of their site. 

It’s important to remember that larger design and redesign projects take longer, but project times can always be negotiated with your developer.

Their unlimited plan is just $99 per month and includes weekly backups for all of your site, 24/7 uptime monitoring, and monthly security and performance audits. You have the option to send unlimited 30-minute tasks to their team of experts, 1 task at a time.

Their basic plan starts at just $59 per month but does not include an unlimited amount of small tasks.

5. UnlimitedWPCheap WordPress Website Design - UnlimitedWP

Visit UnlimitedWP

Dedicated to helping agencies develop and maintain their websites, white-label service UnlimitedWP also specializes in providing their clients with WooCommerce support.

Being a white-label service means that this company specializes in catering its services exclusively to digital agencies who need a service to cover all of their WordPress and WooCommerce-related needs.

What really sets this company apart from others is that they will allow you to assign unlimited tasks to their WP and WooCommerce experts. They provide their services with an estimated amount of hours that they can work each day, rather than limiting tasks or charging more depending on the tasks assigned to them.

These monthly rates begin with a Starter Package rate of $497 per month, which guarantees you services for up to 15 sites, 1-2 hours per day, and 24-48 hours turnaround time.

The Pro Package is $997 with 2-4 hours a day, the same short turnaround time, up to 50 sites, and new site development.

The Business Plan offers 4-8 hours daily, an unlimited amount of sites, and new site development at $1,997 per month. All plans include unlimited tasks.

Where do I find a freelance WordPress developer?

Since freelancers are often going to be much more affordable than custom WordPress development services, hiring a freelancer for a one-time job (or for a long-term working relationship) can be a great option for designing a website on a budget.

The best places to find reliable freelancers, in my experience, are one of the two sites listed here, Fiverr and Upwork. Another popular site to get matched to a WordPress designer is

How much does a WordPress developer cost?

The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on the amount of work you need to be done and who you choose to work with. For instance, if you opt for a cheap WordPress developer, costs may be significantly reduced, although this may reflect in the quality of work delivered.  

An unlimited WordPress development and design team will typically cost anywhere from $59 per month to $500 per month and beyond. This may not always be the most affordable option, especially for new builds or redesigns, hence why some people may opt for a cheap WordPress developer.  

When it comes to freelancers, you’re going to pay based on experience and ability. The range for this is typically anywhere from $25-$400 per hour, with the average being around $30 per hour. When you look for a freelancer on a job listing site (like Fiverr or Upwork), the rates change as well. On Upwork, for instance, freelance WordPress developers are often charging $32-$120 per hour.  

Of course, some developers and agencies will charge per project instead of having an hourly rate. The overall average cost per project with a freelancer or agency starts at $3,000, going up to $20,000 and higher. This is where custom WordPress development companies really shine.  

However, if you opt for a cheap WordPress developer on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, the cost for a new website can be significantly less (sometimes under $500 per project). However, it's important to note that many of these types of projects are very small and only have a couple pages at max. They also will have limited functionality and design customizations. You'll also need to supply things like photos, and content, and live with the fact that your website theme is being used by hundreds of other businesses.  

Read our developer rates guide for more information.

Does WordPress require coding?

Luckily, coding is not a necessity for a successful WordPress site *sigh of relief*. Many WordPress themes come with pre-packaged drag and drop editors like Elementor and Divi. But even with these visual editors, knowing some basic HTML and CSS will go a long way.

There's still a learning curve to learning how to create pages, posts, and aspects of a WordPress website. As you get more into the weeds, you may also realize that you want to add a form, or a shopping cart, and while these things can be often achieved with plugins, you may need to reconfigure your WordPress theme to make it work properly. At that stage, not coding might be unavoidable.

Is WordPress a good website builder?

WordPress is one of the most popular site-builders for a few reasons.

It’s been around for a while so many people know how to use it. It’s also free, which is a huge plus.

It’s also extremely customizable and compatible with plugins like WooCommerce, meaning you can set up just about any type of site you could possibly want and re-design it whenever you want to.


WordPress design and development services can quickly add up depending on which company you go with. Because of this, many small business website creators can become stuck between trying to learn how to use WordPress themselves and blowing their budget on just one service.

Luckily, WordPress development doesn’t have to be expensive. Try one of these affordable options to keep your website secure and up-to-date for a fraction of the price.

Our Favorite Web Design Freelancer

We use Sabbir for our own WordPress projects and highly recommend him. Here's why we love him...
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Builds visually appealing websites and high converting landing pages
  • Solid SEO foundation for creating pages that rank
  • Fast turnarounds