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Best Legal Marketing Agencies

Best Legal Marketing Agencies Agency Los Angeles, CA Ideal for: Startups, Small-To-Medium-Sized Businesses Company Size: 11-50
Who Are They? is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating innovative solutions to help businesses grow and succeed. Their team of experienced marketing experts offers a range of services, including social media management, influencer marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising. Their approach to digital marketing is centered around combining the latest and greatest technologies and trends to deliver results for their clients. is dedicated to crafting customized solutions that meet each client's unique needs and goals, and they work collaboratively with their clients to ensure that their strategies align with their business objectives. Their focus on creating engaging content and building brand awareness sets them apart from other agencies in the industry.
Notable Clients:  WebFX, Hawke Media, Razor Rank
Bruteforce Media Agency
Bruteforce Media London, United Kingdom Ideal for: Real Estate Industry Company Size: 2-10
Who Are They?
Bruteforce Media is a marketing agency that specializes in providing real estate businesses with a wide range of services to help them achieve their growth goals. With expertise in sales funnels, paid traffic, and content creation, Bruteforce Media develops customized marketing strategies that generate leads, increase brand awareness, and drive sales for its clients. Their team of experts takes a data-driven approach to marketing, using advanced analytics and testing techniques to optimize campaigns and ensure maximum ROI. Whether a client needs help with lead generation, social media marketing, or SEO Marketing, Bruteforce Media has the expertise and resources to deliver results. Overall, Bruteforce Media's comprehensive suite of services and expert team make them a top choice for real estate businesses looking to succeed in a competitive marketplace.
Notable Clients: 
WriterArmy Agency
WriterArmy Phoenix, AZ Ideal for: Who Need Writing Done Company Size: 11-50
Who Are They?
WriterArmy is a content agency that stands out from the rest. They don't make grandiose promises or inflate their rates. Instead, they focus on delivering high-quality content and effective content marketing strategies that drive growth. Their team consists of content marketing experts with years of experience in copywriting, as well as a deep understanding of the latest content marketing tools and techniques. Working in partnership with some of the world's top marketing agencies, WriterArmy helps businesses stay ahead of the curve in their respective industries. Overall, their commitment to delivering valuable content and driving results sets them apart from other content agencies.
Notable Clients:, Inbenta, Afternow
SearchBerg Agency
SearchBerg New York City, NY Ideal for: Small-To-Medium-Sized Businesses
Who Are They?
SearchBerg is a dynamic digital marketing agency offering a diverse range of services. They specialize in SEO Marketing, content marketing, social media management, and web design and development. Catering to various industries including retail, healthcare, technology, and more, they craft customized marketing strategies that elevate brands' online presence. With a commitment to innovation and results, SearchBerg propels businesses towards digital success.
Notable Clients:  Cars Recovery London, Krawler, Gov Events
Jives Media Agency
Jives Media New York City, NY Ideal for: Large Businesses
Who Are They?
Jives Media is a marketing agency that brings together a talented team of award-winning web designers, growth hackers, and MBA brand strategists. With their unique superpowers combined, they have formed a formidable digital marketing team. Their expertise is utilized by a diverse range of organizations, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 corporations. They cater to various industries, including technology, healthcare (doctor offices, hospitals, pharma), legal services (law firms), government-affiliated organizations, retail, restaurants, eCommerce Marketing, cannabis, and more. Jives Media offers comprehensive marketing solutions to their clients, covering every aspect.
Notable Clients:  Poshmark, Oracle, Thumbtack
AdVenture Media Group Agency
AdVenture Media Group New York City, NY
Who Are They?
AdVenture Media Group is an esteemed digital marketing agency that specializes in Pay-Per-Click (PPC Marketing), paid SEO Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). With their extensive expertise and dedication, they have earned the prestigious recognition as a Google Premier Partner. AdVenture Media Group's primary focus is to help businesses maximize their online presence, drive targeted traffic, and optimize conversion rates. They employ advanced strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and data-driven insights to deliver exceptional results for their clients. As a Google Premier Partner, AdVenture Media Group demonstrates their proficiency in managing successful PPC Marketing campaigns and leveraging the full potential of Google's advertising platforms to achieve outstanding marketing outcomes.
Notable Clients:  Hanes, Forbes Magazine, AMC Networks
Thrive Agency Agency
Thrive Agency Los Angeles, CA Ideal for: B2B, SMBs
Who Are They?
Thrive is a reputable, full-service digital marketing agency with a rich history of serving clients from diverse industries since 2005. Their comprehensive suite of digital marketing services encompasses a wide range of solutions. With expertise in areas such as search engine optimization (SEO Marketing), pay-per-click (PPC Marketing) advertising, Amazon store optimization, copywriting, and conversion rate optimization (CRO), Thrive provides strategic consulting and management options tailored to each client's needs. Moreover, Thrive excels in delivering expert web design and development services, catering to both eCommerce Marketing and B2B companies. With their extensive experience and commitment to excellence, Thrive is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape.
Notable Clients:  Geoforce, Grow Strong Industries, IDVille
Smart Sites Agency
Smart Sites Los Angeles, CA Ideal for: Small Businesses
Who Are They?
SmartSites was established by brothers Alex and Michael Melen, who fostered a lifelong passion for the digital realm. Through their innovative vision and unwavering dedication, SmartSites rapidly emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. The company's unwavering commitment to client satisfaction has garnered them over 100 5-star reviews since their inception in 2011. In a survey conducted by Dun & Bradstreet, SmartSites achieved an exceptional satisfaction score of 97% when clients were asked about the quality of service provided. They consistently exceed client expectations by delivering outstanding results that drive success and foster long-term happiness. At SmartSites, their ultimate focus is on ensuring client satisfaction and establishing fruitful partnerships.
Notable Clients:  Ethos Spa Skin and Laser, The Shulman Law Group, The Calendar Group
Zbra Studios Agency
Zbra Studios Los Angeles, CA Ideal for: Startups, SMBs, Enterprises
Who Are They?
Zbra Studios specializes in crafting custom-designed websites with a sleek and modern aesthetic that are strategically optimized for conversion. They prioritize close collaboration with clients and their marketing teams at the start of each project to gain a comprehensive understanding of their mission and goals. Armed with this knowledge, Zbra Studios develops tailored solutions and an ongoing strategy to help clients achieve their desired outcomes. Remaining up-to-date with the evolving internet landscape, Zbra Studios maintains a deep understanding of current web development trends, technologies, and best practices. They create flexible and fully responsive websites that seamlessly adapt to different devices and screen sizes. Adapting to clients' changing needs is a fundamental aspect of their business philosophy.
Notable Clients:  ReaderLink, First Light Home Care, Dream Vacations
Search Nurture Agency
Search Nurture San Francisco, CA Ideal for: B2B SaaS, eCommerce Brands
Who Are They?
Search Nurture is a client-centric digital marketing agency that develops customized campaigns centered around client goals. Their friendly team of experts closely manages these campaigns, ensuring business owners are kept informed every step of the way. Specializing in serving SaaS tools and eCommerce businesses, Search Nurture is committed to helping their clients achieve their bottom-line objectives while providing peace of mind. By working collaboratively, clients gain direct access to the collective marketing experience of SEO Marketing Nurture's entire team. The agency's subject matter experts, backed by years of proven experience, lead with care and professionalism, gUI/UX Servicesding clients towards the results they seek.
Notable Clients:  Pillow Perfect, Gentem Health, Jergens
JumpFly Agency
JumpFly Chicago, IL Ideal for: Fintech, Retail
Who Are They?
JumpFly specializes in the development, implementation, and management of digital advertising campaigns that empower clients to maximize their advertising outcomes while saving valuable time and resources. They recognize that proper setup and meticulous management can be the deciding factor between success and failure for advertisers. Additionally, JumpFly offers search engine optimization (SEO Marketing) management to drive optimal performance across both paid and organic SEO Marketing channels. By providing a comprehensive Smart Digital Advertising solution, JumpFly allows clients to focus on their core business while achieving exceptional results from their marketing efforts. As a recognized leader in the industry, JumpFly holds prestigious partnerships with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Snapchat, reflecting their commitment to excellence. Their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) further underscores their dedication to customer satisfaction
Notable Clients:  1-800-Got-Junk?, Jura, NuWave
Digital Authority Partners Agency
Digital Authority Partners Chicago, IL Ideal for: eCommerce Brands
Who Are They?
Digital Authority Partners is a creative and data-driven marketing firm that specializes in providing innovative solutions to propel clients' business growth. With a keen focus on utilizing technology, strategy, and creativity, they develop customized marketing strategies that drive measurable results. From crafting compelling brand stories to implementing targeted digital campaigns, Digital Authority Partners leverages data-driven insights to optimize marketing efforts and achieve tangible business outcomes. Their team of experts combines industry knowledge, creativity, and analytical expertise to deliver impactful solutions that help clients establish a strong digital presence, connect with their target audience, and foster long-term business growth.
Notable Clients:  BlueCross BlueShield, Athena Health
Comrade Digital Marketing Agency
Comrade Digital Marketing Chicago, IL Ideal for: SMBs, eCommerce Brands
Who Are They?
Comrade Digital Marketing has been a trusted partner for businesses in Chicago and nationwide for more than a decade. Their expertise lies in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions that drive revenue growth for clients. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency is deeply committed to the success of companies across diverse sectors. As a full-service marketing agency, they harness every available tool and strategy to effectively reach ideal clients and generate highly qualified leads. The outcome is tangible and impactful – an observable boost in sales and revenue for their clients' businesses. With Comrade Digital Marketing, businesses can confidently navigate the digital landscape and achieve remarkable growth.
Notable Clients:  Matrix Home Fitness, American Tent, Barr & Young Attorneys
CyberOptik Agency
CyberOptik Chicago, IL Ideal for: Small Businesses
Who Are They?
For over two decades, CyberOptik has been a trusted full-service web agency in Chicago, IL. Specializing in web design and development, they have established themselves as a leading provider of brilliant website solutions. CyberOptik offers a comprehensive range of services, including custom web designs, eCommerce Marketing solutions, WordPress migrations, and digital marketing strategies. With their expertise and experience, they create visually stunning and user-friendly websites that meet the unique needs of each client. Whether it's a small business or a large enterprise, CyberOptik delivers tailored web solutions that drive results and help businesses thrive in the digital landscape.
Notable Clients:  PAXXUS, National Headache Foundation, SafeScreener
Codal Agency
Codal Chicago, Illinois Ideal for: eCommerce Enterprises Company Size: 250-999
Who Are They?
Codal operates with a clear mission: collaborate with the finest talent, create purposeful designs, and engineer solutions for a sustainable future. Although their team encompasses a diverse range of skills, including designers, engineers, marketers, and developers, they perceive themselves primarily as storytellers. Each website they design, every app they build, and all the solutions they develop carry their distinctive touch. Their work serves as a narrative that reflects their identity, and their ultimate goal is to assist you in narrating your own story effectively.
Notable Clients:  Charles Schwab, Pepsi, Samsung

List of the Best Legal Marketing Agencies

  2. Bruteforce Media
  3. WriterArmy
  4. SearchBerg
  5. Jives Media
  6. AdVenture Media Group
  7. Thrive Agency
  8. Smart Sites
  9. Zbra Studios
  10. Search Nurture
  11. JumpFly
  12. Digital Authority Partners
  13. Comrade Digital Marketing
  14. CyberOptik
  15. Codal