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My Honest Graphics Zoo Review (Unlimited Graphic Design Service)

Following in the footsteps of companies like Design Pickle and Kimp, Graphics Zoo offers unlimited graphic design for a monthly fee. Let’s review exactly what that business model entails, and how their services hold up to the competition.

We break down Graphics Zoo’s pros and cons to help our readers decide whether or not they’re the right fit for their needs.

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Graphics Zoo Review

Graphics Zoo Overview

Graphics Zoo is an online graphic design company that allows their users to request an unlimited number of graphic design requests for a monthly subscription. All clients need to do is put in a submission and wait for the product, and are free to request revisions as well.

Graphics Zoo Unlimited Graphic Design

How does Graphics Zoo's unlimited graphic design work?

Unlimited graphic design is a business model in which clients submit requests for graphic design projects – whether it be a company logo, a t-shirt design, product label, etc. – and allow a company to connect them with a freelance graphic designer to work on it. The client then receives the project and can either accept it or send it back for revisions. Users are allowed to put in as many requests as they want per month for a flat monthly fee.

Graphics Zoo follows essentially this exact model by allowing users to submit their requests through email, be connected with a graphic designer, and wait up to 2 business days to receive their project.

They offer a wide variety of designs including logo and branding, web design, advertising, e-book covers, and even album covers. They also provide flyer and email designs for any business, and can edit photos when requested.

Graphics Zoo also offers a robust project management system called PROOF, in which clients can add interactive revision requests, custom brand profiles, and set priorities for certain projects.

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What is Graphics Zoo good for?

Graphics Zoo is great for startups, creative agencies, independent businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Basically anyone who needs high-quality, cost-effective graphic design services will benefit from using Graphics Zoo. It’s also good for freelancers looking for work in the industry. Examples of companies that are using Graphics Zoo include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing agency
  • Clothing distributors
  • Beauty salon
  • Photographers
  • Recreational sports leagues
  • Restaurants
  • Local markets
  • Nonprofits
  • Printing companies
  • Law firms

Who uses Graphics Zoo?

Graphics Zoo is often used by small businesses and other independent enterprises. Companies that use their services include:

  • Bread of Life Inc.
  • Enicode
  • Western Rockies Federal Credit Union
  • Green Guard
  • Perfect Imprints

Graphics Zoo Pricing

Graphics Zoo updated their pricing structure to better reflect their abilities to create unique designs for their clients.

They now offer custom pricing depending on the needs of each client. This pricing ranges from $2k to $3.2k.

Contact Graphics Zoo for a demo and to discuss the right pricing for your business.

Graphics Zoo Review 

Graphics Zoo ProofMy favorite thing about Graphics Zoo is it's incredibly robust and feature-rich project management system: PROOF.

Not only does it provide a space for both users and designers to request and work on projects, it also streamlines the entire revision and submission process. Clients can use a “click to comment” feature on any submitted designs, allowing them to point out aspects of the project that they would like fixed or changed. Certain projects can also be prioritized through PROOF, allowing users to tailor their designer’s workflow to their business needs.

PROOF also allows users to create brand profiles that specify the vision and goals of any specific brand. This means that instead of having to explain or provide context to designers for what a brand is trying to achieve every single time you put in a submission, you can select your custom brand profile and attach it to the project so the designer can look at it themselves and work accordingly. I believe this is going to save some headaches for clients and designers who have to deal with brands with really specific messaging.

Graphics Zoo also allows more than one person to use the account. You can have as many people gain access to the service as you want. This means different people within your organization can view projects and put in revision requests through Graphics Zoo. This is definitely a useful feature for companies with larger communications or outreach departments.

However, it’s worth noting that designers can only work on one project per day, meaning that users can’t submit multiple projects on the same day and expect to receive the finished product in 1-2 business days. Although this is not uncommon among many other unlimited graphic design services, it might be a dealbreaker for some.

Also, because the service relies on freelance graphic designers and there doesn’t seem to be any tier system for the designers that you’re assigned to, there’s a chance that you end up spending a lot of time and money on working with designers that are ill-equipped for the task you hand them. Although this does not mean that Graphic Zoo’s designers are not adequate, not every designer is going to be the perfect fit for every client.

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Graphics Zoo Pros

Pros: Here’s what I like about Graphics Zoo

  • The incredibly robust project management system cuts out any unnecessary communication barriers and streamlines the project revision and submission process.
  • Brand profiles make it easier to communicate a design’s purpose to designers. 
  • A wide selection of designs across various categories makes it a good choice for a variety of businesses and agencies.
  • The ability to share the account among multiple users is a useful feature for many businesses.
  • Not only do they have good customer support, but they’re also easy to get in touch with due to the PROOF management system.
  • Judging by the clients they’ve worked with, their services seem to be versatile for practically any business in need of graphic design.

Graphics Zoo Cons

Cons: Here are the things I don’t like about Graphics Zoo

  • Users risk being paired with a designer that might be a poor fit for certain projects, causing designs to take more time than they need to.
  • Given how they can only work on one project per day, businesses with higher output demands may be left unsatisfied and might end up paying more money.

Alternatives to Graphics Zoo

If you’re looking for more options, we've reviewed the top alternatives to Graphics Zoo:

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Trying out each of these platforms is your best bet to finding which works best for you. You are still saving hundreds if not thousands by going through these online services depending on your project needs.

In 2018 graphic designers made on average $50,000/year. That's over $4,000/mo. out of your pocket. So take a chance and try these platforms out. Most of their basic plans average about $400/mo. That’s just good business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Graphics Zoo require you to sign a contract?

Nope. There’s no contract meaning you can cancel at any time.

Can you give reference designs to show which styles to use?

Yes, if face Graphics Zoo recommends that clients do so to give proper context to their work.

Can I sell designs that I get from Graphics Zoo?

Clients get to own complete rights to all designs they request. You can even specify the format in which you receive your projects.

What if I need to bulk order graphic designs?

If you aren’t getting enough output from one Graphics Zoo account, you can get additional accounts to match your demand. However, you won’t be able to get more than one request per day with a single account.

How long does it take to get revisions done?

Revisions can be completed in one business day, same as any normal request.