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Best AI Rewriter Tools

9 Best AI Rewriter Tools: Use AI to Easily Spin Content

We've been using AI writing tools and detectors for a while now and have learned that they aren't created equal. There will be times when AI-generated content needs to be humanized or rewritten.

When you need to put a new spin on things, an AI rewriting or AI paraphrasing tool can help. We ran some tests so you can see the rewritten output along with some metrics to see which one you prefer the most.

Here are the 9 best AI rewriters available.

Best All-In-One: AI Detector + Rewriter

Undetectable AI Logo


  • Detects AI by cross-checking 8 other detectors
  • Easy-to-use rephrasing tool
  • Readability features are great for different tones

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Best Plagiarism Checker + AI Paraphrasing Tool

Quillbot Logo


  • Super easy-to-use paraphrasing tool
  • Creating citations in any format is a breeze
  • Accurate, student-friendly plagiarism checker

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Our Favorite AI Rewriter Tools

How We Chose Our Favorites (Ranking Metrics)

We looked at a few things when choosing our list of favorites.

Accuracy and Reliability

We checked to make sure each of these AI rewriters was accurate and reliable, producing as little misinformation and hallucinations as possible.

Quality of Rewrites

These rewriters all produced high-quality rewrites that sound just as good as the original content.

Cost and Subscription Options

You’ll find AI rewriters for every budget on this list, from free to enterprise-level tools with all the bells and whistles.

Speed and Efficiency

The point of AI is to cut down on time, not make the process longer. We cut all of the rewriters that took forever to create content.

1. Undetectable.AI

Our favorite – 4.5/5 Rating

Undetectable AI Logo Main

4.5 of 5 Stars

Undetectable is an AI paraphraser, writer, and detector all in one.

The versatile tool has a fairly straightforward interface, though it did take a minute to figure out what the different tones available meant.

The output for rewriting was much more natural and human-like, meaning it gets the job done. However, because of the way the text editor works, you do have to piece-mill the text together, which adds another hoop to jump through. While this is fine for a paragraph or two, it would be annoying to deal with if you need to rewrite a whole article.

It also has an AI detector that offers a compilation of results from 8 different AI detectors.

Read our Undetectable.Ai Review 


  • Mimics human writing to evade AI detection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Preserves content anonymity
  • Beneficial for SEO content uniqueness
  • Can improve content originality


  • Potential for promoting plagiarism
  • Content may lack creative flair
  • Risk of dependency on AI for content creation

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2. QuillBot

Best for academics – 4.5/5 Rating

Quillbot Logo Main

4.5 of 5 Stars

QuillBot is largely regarded as one of the best AI rewriters on the market today, and for good reason.

While we prefer it for academic purposes (read more about AI detection for teachers), we love how easy it is to rewrite content using QuillBot’s straightforward platform. The template-like features were user-friendly.

For content marketing, using the article spinner tool is quick and effortless, providing opportunities to enhance paragraphs, especially in making AI-generated content sound more human.

However, it's important to note that QuillBot's effectiveness in passing AI detectors varied, yielding mixed results with rewrites. For more consistent outcomes, users might prefer other tools like Jasper.

Read our QuillBot review.


  • Multiple writing modes for versatility
  • Built-in thesaurus for vocabulary expansion
  • Sentence paraphrasing tool enhances originality
  • Grammar checker included
  • Chrome extension available for ease of use


  • Paraphrased content may require human editing
  • Usage limitations in the free version
  • Premium features necessitate a subscription

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3. GrammarlyGO

Best plugin for writers – 4.5/5 Rating

Grammarly Logo Main

4.5 of 5 Stars

When most of us think of Grammarly, we think of grammar and proofreading. Grammarly now offers a rewriting or paraphrasing tool on both their website platform and application-based extensions.

It’s called GrammarlyGO.

GrammarlyGO is a chatbot that offers shorter prompts or ideas for how you want to improve your piece of writing. You can also tailor the style to be closer to your own brand’s tone in GrammarlyGO.

It really seems to work best for sentence-level changes and generating short ideas, unlike, Simplified, or Jasper, which will rewrite entire paragraphs for you.

There is also a free paraphrasing tool right on the website to help rephrase a few complicated sentences or help you make more compact and direct content for emails and the like.


  • Advanced grammar and spell-checking capabilities
  • Style and tone suggestions improve readability
  • Real-time writing suggestions
  • Plagiarism detection feature
  • Integrates with multiple platforms and browsers


  • Full features require a premium subscription
  • May not tailor to all writing styles
  • Suggestions can be overly prescriptive

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4. ProWritingAid

Best for creative writers – 4.5/5 Rating

Pro Writing Aid Logo Main

4.5 of 5 Stars

ProWritingAid is another editing software that makes the rewriting list. Like GrammarlyGO, ProWritingAid really shines at sentence-level rewriting, particularly for creative writers.

ProWritingAid offers both an app on your computer (Mac or PC) or an extension for your word processor or web browser.

Unlike GrammarlyGO, where you have to work with a chatbot, ProWritingAid will highlight a sentence for you and offer to rewrite it for you. Once you click on “Rewrite,” you will have several output options to choose from. You can also open your Word file in the desktop application and correct, edit, and rewrite there as well (and it will save those changes in your original file).

I’ll be honest. As a writer and editor, I prefer to use ProWritingAid’s grammar and rewriter tools over Grammarly’s because I don’t have to fool with a chatbot, and I get several options for output.


  • Comprehensive writing reports
  • In-depth feedback for style and structure
  • Integrates with various writing platforms
  • Customizable style guides for consistency
  • Extensive library of writing resources


  • Can be overwhelming for new users
  • Some features are locked behind a paywall
  • Interface is not as intuitive as competitors

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5. Simplified

Best for copywriters – 4.5/5 Rating

Simplified Logo Main

4.5 of 5 Stars

Simplified is our top pick for copywriters looking for a rephraser.

As a copywriter myself, I know how difficult it is to come up with a different way to say the same thing over and over and over. Simplified makes it easy to spin a sentence (or paragraph) while maintaining the essence of what you’re trying to communicate to readers.

It’s super easy to use, offering over 10 tone options for you to choose from for your rewrite. It also has features that allow your whole team to collaborate on projects.

Simplified has great solutions for eCommerce businesses as well, allowing for 3rd party integrations with Shopify, Zapier, Airtabe, and more.


  • All-in-one content creation platform
  • AI writing assistant included
  • Graphic design tools available
  • Social media management features
  • Collaboration options for teams


  • Jack-of-all-trades but master of none
  • Complex features may be daunting for beginners
  • Design tools may be basic for advanced users

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Best tone options – 4.5/5 Rating

Copy Ai Logo Main

4.5 of 5 Stars is one of our favorite AI writing tools, and its rewriting feature is also one of the best out there.

You can enter sentences up to 1,000 characters. From there, you have the option to select a certain tone and voice that you want your rewritten content to possess. will generate around ten different versions of rewritten text for you to choose from, providing you with plenty of options.

You can copy your chosen sentence rewrite, save it for future use, or click a button to receive more similar rewrites. Don’t like a suggestion? Simply remove it.

This paraphrasing tool is designed for marketing copy, making it a great option for digital marketers.

Read our review.


  • Easy-to-use interface for content generation
  • Diverse templates for various content types
  • Regularly updated with new features
  • Free plan available
  • Supports content creation in multiple languages


  • AI-generated content may lack uniqueness
  • Free version comes with limitations
  • Creative control is somewhat restricted

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7. Jasper

Best tools – 4.5/5 Rating

Jasper Logo Main

4.5 of 5 Stars

One of the original AI content writers, Jasper is also home to one of the best word-spinning tools out there.

Jasper employs state-of-the-art AI and NLP technologies to analyze and enhance content, making it more engaging and impactful. This advanced tool not only improves your writing style and grammar but also ensures your content is free from errors.

It comes with extra bells and whistles like Surfer SEO that allows you to target keywords, as well as a plagiarism detection feature and support for over 29 languages.

Read our Jasper review.


  • Generates high-quality, creative content
  • Offers a wide range of templates and use cases
  • Interactive and intuitive interface
  • Supports collaboration for team projects
  • Continuously improving AI models


  • Premium pricing for higher plans
  • Content may still require human editing
  • Creativity may be limited by AI's understanding

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8. Word Ai

Best for full articles – 4.0/5 Rating

Word Ai Logo Main

4 of 5 StarsWord Ai offers one of the most comprehensive article rewriting and paraphrasing services available today.

What sets WordAi apart is its exceptional understanding of sentence meaning, which enables it to rewrite content from scratch with a focus on maintaining uniqueness and readability. WordAi can comprehensively restructure sentences while preserving their original essence and meaning.

It also has the ability to enrich the text and improve the quality and clarity of writing input. Since it is SEO-focused, all of its rewrites are specially crafted to rank higher and avoid detection.


  • High-quality AI rewriting tool
  • Context-aware content rephrasing
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Bulk rewriting capabilities
  • API access for developers


  • Expensive for casual users
  • May generate unnatural phrases
  • Requires careful review for factual accuracy

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Best for social media captions – 4.0/5 Rating

Frase Logo

4 of 5 Stars

Frase is a favorite AI paraphrasing tool with solutions that are great at generating SEO-rich rewrites.

The platform simplifies the content creation process with research-based content briefs and outlines through SERP analysis. It is capable of handling both short- and long-form content and offers valuable SEO analysis tools.

Frase also offers a combination of both pre-built AI tools and the option for users to create their own, as well as the ability to organize content into different folders.

While it is incredible at generating rewritten material with great SEO, it’s important to note that this particular tool only allows users up to 10,000 characters of regenerated content. Yes, that’s with all plans.

For this reason, we find it best suited for short-form content like social media captions or posts rather than full articles.

Read our Frase review.


  • Content optimization for SEO
  • Research assistant helps gather content insights
  • Template-driven document creation
  • User intent discovery for better targeting
  • Analytics to track content performance


  • Higher learning curve for full utilization
  • Primarily SEO-focused, less for creative writing
  • Can be pricey for the full suite of tools

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AI Rewriting Test & Results

Below, you will find our results for the rewriters we tested. But before you dive into the table, here is how I tested the rewriters.

My question: Which rewriter will convert a piece of blatantly AI-generated text into content that will fool a robust AI detector like, our favorite paid AI detector?

I created a paragraph from ChatGPT 3.5 and measured how it ranked in in terms of AI vs. Human, Plagiarism, and Readability. I’ve also included word counts so you can see how the rewriters handled that area as well.

Once I had my baseline, I started plugging my sample paragraph into the other rewriters and recording the same metrics from I did not instruct any of the AIs to deviate from their standard tone settings. When forced to enter a style or tone, I always chose “Informative, Casual.”

I have also included the output samples from each rewriter. The outputs were, at times, surprisingly good and also downright hilarious. This will help you gauge which rewriter produces the best content for your standards.

Provider Name

AI Score

Plagiarism Score

Readability Score

Word Count

ChatGPT 3.5 (Original)
100% AI
90% AI
23% AI
100% AI
100% AI
100% AI
100% AI
100% AI
Word AI
100% AI
97% AI

See the original and rewrites for each provider that we used for testing

What Is an AI Rewriter?

What Is an AI Rewriter

An AI rewriter, also known as an AI spinner or paraphraser, is an AI-powered tool that takes input text and rewrites it in creative ways.

This allows for more original, less repetitive content that’s easier and more pleasant to read.

Many AI rewriters have additional features like grammar and spellcheck to clarify writing.

How Do AI Rewriters Work?

How Do AI Rewriters Work

AI rewriters use NLPs to read, understand, and paraphrase content that it is fed.

They do this by finding different ways to “say” the same thing, creating original content that expresses the same ideal of the text it is fed.

Some of them can process a few sentences at a time, while others are capable of rewriting and spinning long blocks of text.

Can AI Rewrite an Article?

Can AI Rewrite an Article

Yes, AI can rewrite an entire article, depending on which AI rewriter you’re using.

Some have a word or character limit, so make sure you choose one that has the ability to rewrite larger swaths of text if that’s what you need.

What Are AI Rewriters Used For?

What Are AI Rewriters Used For

AI rewriters are used to spin and paraphrase text.

They can be used by a wide variety of people for different purposes.

Many content writers use AI rewriters to spin a sentence or paragraph that they feel is repetitive or clunky.

Students may use them for a similar reason, to help spark creativity and spruce up writing that’s otherwise plain or unoriginal.

Business owners and marketing specialists use AI paraphrasers to make content that explains the same subject different and unique, as well as augment writing with SEO-rich language.


AI rewriters are some of the most useful tools to help streamline the writing process. We tried out a dozen different rewriting tools looking for quality, accuracy, speed, and scalability. Our personal favorites are Undetectable AI and Quillbot. We recommend Simplified, ProWritingAid, and GrammarlyGO for writers looking to boost productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an AI that can rewrite text?

Yes, there are many AIs that can rewrite text.

What is the best free AI rewriter?

Simplified is the best free AI rewriter.

Is it illegal to use a paraphraser?

No, it is not illegal to use a paraphraser as long as you are plagiarizing anything.

What is the best paraphrasing tool?

Jasper is the best paraphrasing tool.

Can AI rewrite my article?

Yes, there are many AI tools that can rewrite articles, blog posts, papers, and more.

What is the best AI content rewriter?

Undetectable.AI and Jasper are the best AI content rewriters.

Is QuillBot detectable?

QuillBot is detectable by certain detectors like Turnitin.

Rewrite Outputs from Testing

ChatGPT Original: Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting and heartwarming experience. The moment you open your door and see those wagging tails and bright eyes, you know your life is about to be filled with endless love and playful moments. As you introduce your furry friend to their new surroundings, you embark on a journey of companionship, training, and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Undetectable.AI Output: Taking a puppy to your home is such an exhilarating and heartwarming event. The instant you open your door and catch sight of those wagging tails and sparkling eyes you just know that your life is about to be brimming with affection and delightful moments. As you acquaint your companion, with their environment you set off on an adventure of camaraderie, teaching and indelible recollections that will endure forever.

QuillBot Output: A new dog is a joyous and touching experience to bring home. You can tell your life is about to be filled with limitless love and playful moments the instant you open your door and see their wagging tails and bright eyes. You start a path of companionship, training, and lifelong experiences as soon as you introduce your furry buddy to their new environment.

Grammarly Output: Experience the joy and warmth of bringing a new puppy home with confidence. From the moment you open the door and see those wagging tails and bright eyes, you'll be filled with endless love and playful moments. Embark on a journey of companionship, training, and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime as you introduce your furry friend to their new surroundings. Don't miss out on this heartwarming adventure.

Word AI Output: A new puppy is a wonderful and exciting experience. When you see the wagging ears and bright eyes of your new puppy, you will know that your life will be filled with love and fun. You embark on an adventure of companionship and training as you introduce your pet to its new environment.

Simplified Output: Acquiring a new canine companion is an exhilarating and affectionate endeavor. When you welcome the adorable bundle of joy into your home, the sight of their wagging tails and vibrant eyes fills your heart with warmth. This marks the beginning of a remarkable voyage characterized by camaraderie, instruction, and indelible moments that will endure for eternity.

Copy.AI Output: Introducing a fresh puppy into your abode is a thrilling and warmhearted event. The instant you unlatch your entrance, witnessing those wagging tails and gleaming eyes, you comprehend that your existence is on the verge of being inundated with immeasurable affection and lively occurrences. As you acquaint your fluffy companion with their unfamiliar environment, you commence on a voyage of camaraderie, discipline, and indelible moments that will endure indefinitely. Output: Getting a new puppy is super exciting and heartwarming. When you open your door and see those wagging tails and bright eyes, you just know your life is about to be filled with so much love and fun. As you introduce your furry friend to their new home, you start a journey of bonding, training, and making memories that you'll cherish forever.

ProWritingAid Output: Bringing a new puppy home is a thrilling and heartwarming adventure. When you open your door and see wagging tails and bright eyes, you know your life will be filled with love and playful moments. When you introduce your furry friend to their new surroundings, you start a journey of companionship, training, and unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.

Jasper Output: Acquiring a fresh doggy companion is a thrilling and heartwarming event. When you unlatch your entrance and encounter those swaying tails and radiant gazes, you recognize that your existence is on the verge of being inundated with limitless affection and lively instants. While acquainting your fluffy pal with their new environment, you set forth on a voyage of camaraderie, education, and indelible recollections that will endure eternally.