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11 Best Freelance Websites for Hiring UI Designers

Freelance Websites to Hire UI Designers

Need a UI designer? Don’t want a full-time employee?

Here are 11 great sites to find a freelance UI designer.

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Check out our list of the best freelance websites for hiring talent.

Best Freelance Websites for UI Designers

1. Working Not Working

Best overall

Working Not Working Logo Main

Working Not Working is a premier freelance platform tailored specifically for UI designers to showcase their portfolios and secure exciting job opportunities.

With a meticulous vetting process, the platform ensures that only top-tier talent is available for companies. UI designers can leverage the platform's intuitive interface to effortlessly display their work, highlighting their skills and expertise. This streamlined approach enables employers to find the perfect match for their UI design needs quickly and efficiently.

Working Not Working empowers UI designers to establish their professional presence while providing companies with a curated selection of talented individuals ready to bring their design visions to life.

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2. Dribbble

Runner-up for best overall

Dribbble Logo Main

Dribbble is a leading freelance platform dedicated to connecting businesses with exceptionally talented UI designers.

As a hub for creative professionals, Dribbble serves as a vibrant community where companies can discover and collaborate with top-tier UI design talent. With a diverse range of designers and portfolios showcased on the platform, businesses gain access to a wealth of creative expertise and innovative ideas.

Dribbble's user-friendly interface makes it easy for businesses to browse through designer profiles, review their work, and find the perfect match for their projects.

Whether seeking a specific style or a fresh perspective, Dribbble offers businesses an extensive network of talented UI designers ready to bring their visions to life.

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3. Toptal

Best for top UI talent

Toptal Logo Main

Toptal is a highly selective freelance platform that sets the bar high for UI designers.

With an exclusive acceptance rate limited to the top 3% of applicants, Toptal ensures access to an elite pool of exceptional talent. By rigorously vetting designers for skill, experience, and professionalism, Toptal guarantees that businesses can find the best UI designers for their projects.

With a commitment to quality, the platform offers a seamless experience for companies to discover and collaborate with top-tier designers. Whether in need of cutting-edge UI design or a strategic design partner, Toptal provides businesses with access to an exclusive community of exceptional UI designers ready to exceed expectations.

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4. Fiverr

Best for small businesses

Fiverr Logo Main

Fiverr, an established platform, has been serving as a go-to marketplace to discover freelancers, including exceptional UI designers.

The platform offers comprehensive filtering options, enabling users to refine their search based on designers' specialties, market experience, and artistic styles. Fiverr also provides filters for budget, service options, and delivery time, catering to small businesses and ensuring prompt project completion, even within a 24-hour turnaround if required.

Fiverr empowers users to directly connect with their chosen UI designer, facilitating seamless collaboration and negotiation of project details. To ensure security, Fiverr also offers a secure payment platform, allowing upfront payment to the hired UI designer.

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5. Wellfound

Best for startups

Wellfound Logo

Wellfound is the ideal platform for startups seeking UI designers.

This unique site connects freelancers with startup clients. By focusing on this niche, Wellfound ensures that startups can find freelancers who are genuinely passionate about exclusive opportunities with businesses in their early stages.

Whether you're in the initial phases or experiencing rapid growth, Wellfound provides a tailored experience. It matches startups with UI designers who possess the right expertise and enthusiasm to fuel their success.

With Wellfound, startups can confidently find dedicated freelancers who are eager to contribute to their unique entrepreneurial journey.

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6. Upstack

Best for large businesses

Upstack Logo Main

UpStack is a renowned platform that proactively scouts and features the world's top UI designers, connecting them with businesses like yours.

Leveraging their extensive industry knowledge, UpStack employs a unique and meticulous 8-point hiring process to ensure that you have access to the most exceptional candidates. Not only do they prioritize outstanding UI design skills, but they also emphasize effective communication and team compatibility.

UpStack offers a diverse selection of talented UI designers with complementary skills in areas such as coding.

While they have a strong reputation for working with renowned brands like Microsoft and Lego, UpStack's talent pool is highly adaptable and scalable. It caters to businesses of varying sizes and project scopes.

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7. Upwork

Widest variety of UI designers

Upwork Logo Main

Upwork is a widely recognized and popular freelance platform that connects businesses with talented freelancers, including UI designers.

With a vast pool of skilled professionals, Upwork offers a diverse range of UI design experts for businesses to choose from.

The platform provides comprehensive search and filtering options, allowing businesses to find UI designers based on their specific requirements, such as expertise, style, and budget. Upwork facilitates seamless collaboration by enabling direct communication between clients and designers to discuss project details and milestones.

With its user-friendly interface and secure payment system, Upwork offers a reliable and efficient solution for businesses seeking skilled UI designers to bring their design projects to life.

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8. Behance

Behance Logo Main

Behance is a dynamic freelance platform specifically tailored for UI designers. It offers designers the opportunity to create profiles to showcase their portfolios and connect with a community of fellow designers.

With an extensive network of talented UI designers, Behance provides businesses with a diverse selection of creative professionals to choose from. From established industry veterans to up-and-coming talent, the platform offers a wide variety of expertise and artistic styles.

Behance empowers UI designers to express their creativity, gain exposure, and collaborate with other professionals. It also serves as a valuable resource for businesses in search of exceptional UI designers to meet their specific project needs.

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9. Flexjobs

Flexjobs Logo Main

Flexjobs is a versatile freelance platform that caters to the needs of business owners looking for UI designers, regardless of their location.

With a global reach, FlexJobs enables businesses to access a vast talent pool of UI designers from around the world.

Whether you're seeking a designer with specific expertise or a unique artistic style, FlexJobs offers a diverse selection of skilled professionals. The platform provides robust search and filtering options, allowing businesses to narrow down their search based on criteria such as experience, availability, and desired skill set.

FlexJobs empowers businesses to find the perfect UI designer, regardless of geographical boundaries, ensuring access to top talent from various corners of the globe.

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10. Guru

Guru Logo Main

Guru is a reputable freelancing site akin to Upwork and Fiverr. It hosts an extensive collection of profiles featuring diverse freelancers, including skilled UI designers.

With a plethora of options available, the platform presents an extensive list of individual UI designers as well as agencies. Users can take advantage of numerous subcategories to fine-tune their search, catering to specific design requirements.

Whether you prefer to directly contact a preferred freelancer or post a job on Guru's job board, where UI designers can proactively approach you, the choice is yours.

Guru also offers dedicated “WorkRooms” that serve as collaborative spaces for seamless communication and meetings with your chosen UI designer.

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11. The Mom Project

The Mom Project Logo Main

The Mom Project stands out as a remarkable company driven by a powerful mission: assisting moms in finding employment opportunities.

Through their innovative platform, The Mom Project leverages an advanced algorithm to seamlessly match clients with the perfect UI designer for their needs.

Companies seeking a UI designer can effortlessly post a job description and receive multiple prospective designers within 24 hours. The platform streamlines the hiring process, enabling easy scheduling of interviews, convenient confirmation, and rescheduling of meetings, all with just a simple click of a button.

With The Mom Project, companies can efficiently connect with talented UI designers while supporting a meaningful cause.

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What Do Freelance UI Designers Do?

What Do Freelance UI Designers Do

Freelance UI designers are creative professionals who specialize in designing intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces for websites, applications, and digital products.

They are responsible for collaborating with clients or companies to understand project requirements, conducting user research, creating wireframes and mockups, and translating them into polished UI designs.

Freelance UI designers apply their expertise in visual design, typography, color theory, and user experience principles to craft interfaces that enhance usability and engage users. They also often work on responsive designs, and interactive prototypes, and collaborate with development teams to ensure the seamless implementation of their designs.

Is Hiring a Freelance UI Designer Worth It?

Are Freelance UI Designers Worth It

Hiring a freelance UI designer is definitely worth it.

Freelancers bring a fresh perspective, specialized expertise, and a flexible approach to projects. They also offer more cost-effective solutions compared to hiring full-time designers and provide the flexibility to work with them on a project-by-project basis.

Freelancers, especially freelance UI designers, often have diverse portfolios and can bring a wealth of creativity and innovation to the table. They can also provide quick turnaround times, especially for smaller-scale projects.

Lastly, freelance UI designers are experienced in collaborating remotely, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking talent from anywhere in the world. In general, hiring a freelance UI designer is a smart investment, providing businesses with professional, customized, and scalable design solutions.

How Much Does a Freelance UI Designer Charge?

Freelance UI designers charge differently depending on their level of experience, expertise, the duration/scope of the project, and the amount of work you need from them.

You can expect to pay a freelance UI designer $30 to $110+ per hour.

How to Hire a Freelance UI Designer

How to Hire UI Designer

To hire a freelance UI designer, you need to first define your project requirements, including scope, timeline, and budget.

Then, research reputable freelance platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, or Behance, or utilize professional networks like LinkedIn or design communities.

Look over the portfolios and profiles of the UI designers, considering their experience, skills, and previous work. Shortlist candidates based on their fit with your project and invite them for an interview or request a proposal.

During the interview, discuss their process, communication, and rates. Once you've found the right fit, establish clear project terms, sign a contract, and set up a secure payment system. Make sure to regularly communicate and provide feedback to ensure a successful collaboration.

Best Freelance Websites by Category

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freelance as a UI Designer?

Yes, you can freelance as a UI designer.

When should I hire a freelance UI Designer?

You should hire a freelance UI designer when you have a one-off or short-term project.

Where is the best place to find a freelance UI Designer for a small business?

Fiverr is the best place to find a freelance UI designer for a small business.

How do I start freelancing as a UI Designer?

To start freelancing as a UI designer, get a portfolio together, then create a profile on one of the popular freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Behance.